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06:28 pm Orbot Bug #1828: geoip file missing
In v13.0.1 geoip file has been added according to release notes, but orbot still doesn't use it. Log messages show "W...


05:19 pm ChatSecure:Android Feature #2264 (New): Easy access to fingerprint of ssl certificate
When logging into a jabber server for the first time, the fingerprint of the server certificate is shown. However, th...


04:14 pm Orbot Bug #1828 (Resolved): geoip file missing
When configuring orbot to use strict nodes or avoid certain exit nodes a geoip file is needed. Unfortunately the user...


03:38 pm Orweb Bug #1778: Firefox User Agent outdated
Meant orweb instead of orbot. Sorry.
03:35 pm Orweb Bug #1814 (New): orweb leaks info by sending "x-requested-with"
Despite user-agent masking orweb leaks the fact, that it is used as a browser by sending the "x-requested-with" info....
03:19 pm Orweb Bug #1778: Firefox User Agent outdated
Furthermore, when updating from an older orbot version user-agent doesn't get set to a specific value. So Orbot expos...

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