Platform Scope of Work

Statement of Scope of Work to be performed

Description of work to be performed.

Small World News shall provide services in developing the MRApp application platform as per the specification below. Customer shall provide all the information requested by Small World News. Failure to provide it in a timely manner will cause delays in the project.

1.1 Status

The description below describes software requirements for the MRApp application platform. It is a normative appendix for a contract between software vendor and customer. However, it does not have any meaning independent from the software specifications provided by the Customer. The list of original userspecifications is provided in the Appendix A. In areas described herein and Customer’s specification, this very description takes precedence. Any changes conflicting with the original specifications (including any requirements changes, additional functionality and any other
changes), in this document are subject to start the Request For Change process. Also the document describes proposed technical solution for the implementation of the product.

1.2 Should/Will/Shall

words meaning The terms "must," "should," and "may" imply the following:

1.2.1. Must/Shall/Will

This is an absolute requirement for delivery of this project's release.

1.2.2 Should /May

Inclusion in this release is dependent of factors such as time, cost, and
complexity of implementation.

1.3 Business Requirements

The main is to establish a mobile application for the creation of digital mobile media by non-technical people.

1.3.1 The application platform should allow for the review and commenting on submitted media by professional advisors.

1.3.2 The mobile application should be publicly available to Android mobile phone users.

1.3.3 The mobile application must support the submitting of assignment for evaluation and for publicly display.

1.3.4 The mobile application should not require the phone to have root or administrative access

1.3.5 The mobile interface should be as simple and intuitive as possible.

1.4 Software Requirements

1.4.1 Platform Framework

The public website and management system for the mobile application will be built on top of the Wordpress Content Management System. Platform Extension

The Wordpress CMS will be extended using plugin modules and theme based functions allowing the platform to meet requirements of the project that are beyond the normal functionality of the CMS. The core files of the application will not be modified such that future software releases of the Wordpress CMS will result in major modifications to the project's codebase being required. Any software incompatibilities with future Wordpress should be limited to those required by changes to wordpress functions or software as defined by the specifications put forth by the Wordpress software maintainers. An Application Programming Interface extension will be implemented via a plugin module that will extend the integrated Wordpress XML-RPC API to enable interaction with the mobile application and future external components that may be included in a future software release. Scoped roles will be implemented which will allow for different users to have definable varied access levels for submission and evaluation of contributions. Criteria for roles must include the ability for a user group to review all submitted content or content for a specific content or to only submit content. The ability to introduce additional criteria in the future may be available through this scoping mechanism.

1.4.2 Public Website Validation
A website which can be accessed via a standard personal computer website browser must be available for public use. A standard browser is considered to be a manufacturer supported current release of a browser used by a significant population. For this project the following browsers shall be the only which qualify as meeting the significant population requirement set forth in Microsoft Internet Explorer on Windows 7, Mozilla Firefox on both Windows 7 and Mac OS X and Ubuntu Linux, Google Chrome on both Windows and Mac OS X, Apple Safari on Mac OS X. The version selected as a current release for each browser shall be determined solely by Small World News, but must be considered current or receiving continued support with security patches or updates by the browser's manufacturer at the time of testing. Testing for accessibility shall verify that the site is generally navigable under each browser and OS combination and that the rendering allows all content to be reviewed by a user without major difficulty. It does not guarantee that rendering or functionality will be identical across browsers or operating systems.

1.4.3 Web Platform and Mobile Interaction
The web platform must provide database storage and direct backend data interaction for the mobile application. The web platform will offer an API via XML-RPC for use by the mobile application and may provide a Restful JSON API in addition.

1.4.4 User Interface

User interaction is key to the success of the Mentoring and Evaluation Platform. User interaction must be available through multiple methods. Assignments must be sent from the mobile application to the Content Management System. This will accomplished via API interaction. Emailed responses will be available for submissions using the email address registered by the mobile user. Email responses will be sent from the web platform. Trainers will be able to login to the website to review assignments submitted via the mobile application. This will be accomplished via an internal commenting system that will only be available to trainers and submitters. Comments from trainers may be retrievable via the mobile application through a query for changes to a stored data field connected to the post data of the original submission or a push notification to the mobile app. Users and the general public will be able to leave comments to review public submissions via the public website. An integrated search utility and hierarchal navigation organized by category will allow users of the public website to locate public submissions. Country and other criteria may be configured and displayed as a navigational tool for browsing or reviewing content by origin.

Appendix A.

  1. MUST Send assignment to online platform for evaluation & response
  2. MUST Receive response on assignment via e-mail
  3. MUST provide evaluation website with reaction tool for evaluation
  4. MUST allow users of the MRApp review other users via the online platform; MUST support aggregate view for browsing, searching, playback of all public submissions
  5. MUST be available through public website in standard browser
  6. SHOULD Receive response in app and get notification on phone
  7. SHOULD show the origin of the content for review per country
  8. SHOULD allow for different kind of user; ADMIN TRAINER >(evaluate everyone), COUNTRY TRAINER (evaluate country contributions), REGULAR USER (add comments and give feedback)
  9. SHOULD be available in mobile format from app
  10. MAY Cross post assignment to Facebook

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