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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Due date
8575BugNewNormalCourier01/12/2018 02:40 am
8569BugNewNormalRun01/04/2018 09:19 am
8556BugNewNormalcourier crashes12/22/2017 04:28 pm
8319BugNewNormalInstant Crash on Android 7 Nougat06/07/2017 08:23 am
7944BugNewNormalSharing Feed through Bluetooth sends a bad link09/24/2016 02:12 pm
7493BugNewNormalCrashes on Startup05/26/2016 09:52 am
6876BugNewNormal"Tor" is never localized 03/25/2016 10:44 pm
6780BugNewNormalSamsung Galaxy Note 2 (GTN7100) App has begun to crash regularly03/10/2016 12:54 am
6562BugNewNormalproject abandoned?01/27/2016 06:09 pm
6409BugNewNormalNo way to launch the app after unlock12/16/2015 03:30 pm
6278BugNewNormalcan't sync feedburner feeds11/20/2015 03:13 am
5732FeatureNewNormalAPK Search/Delete in Panicvanevery08/31/2015 06:30 pm
5723BugNewNormalCourier does not show pictures from RSS feeds at Tubmlr.com08/30/2015 07:37 am
5575FeatureNewNormalAllow subscribing to PubSubHubbub 0.4 streams / feeds07/31/2015 08:18 am
5534BugNewNormalFirstLook feeds are failingvanevery07/21/2015 04:27 am
5525FeatureNewNormalSearch for feeds07/20/2015 12:01 pm
5082BugNewHighNo way to delete a feed04/28/2015 01:49 pm
4999BugNewNormalCrash while syncing All Feeds04/10/2015 04:35 pm
4994BugNewNormalSometimes app doesn't recognize Orbot04/09/2015 07:43 pm
4993BugNewNormalRZ Watermark is cut off in landscape (Video Feed)04/09/2015 07:18 pm
4986BugNewNormalFavorites content replaces content in synced feeds04/08/2015 07:56 pm
4985BugNewNormalBacking out of app breaks pause and play abilities for Radio04/08/2015 07:22 pm
4983BugNewNormalUser cannot lock app while Radio Playback is initiating04/08/2015 07:16 pm
4982BugNewNormalSelecting RZ or ZT as reader just opens same snippet of article04/08/2015 06:53 pm
4980BugNewNormalNotification Lock Icon needs to be updated for Lollipop 04/08/2015 06:26 pm
4979BugNewNormalCrash when receiving story through Secure Share if devices are paired through traditional Bluetooth04/08/2015 05:59 pm
4978BugNewNormalFeed content is lost if user changes app language04/08/2015 05:27 pm
4974BugNewNormal"Install Orbot?" Popup is not localized 04/07/2015 10:13 pm
4973BugNewNormalWipe App button is missing from Text capture in Media Uploads04/07/2015 09:53 pm
4972BugNewNormal"Tor" is never localized 04/07/2015 09:43 pm
4971BugNewNormalUser must manually re-sync after selecting Display Photos04/07/2015 09:11 pm
4970BugNewNormalNo empty state for Feeds when Use Tor is disabled04/07/2015 08:48 pm
4969BugNewNormalNo way to share Videos from Video Feed04/07/2015 08:38 pm
4967BugNewNormalCannot share feeds between RZ and ZT04/06/2015 06:59 pm
4966BugNewNormalArticle Expiration setting doesn't work04/06/2015 06:49 pm
4965BugNewNormalText in search bar should be right aligned in RTL languages04/06/2015 06:28 pm
4964BugNewNormalVideo Feed title is not localized04/06/2015 05:50 pm
4963BugNewNormalDifferent Terms and Licenses link shown in non-English languages04/06/2015 05:13 pm
4962BugNewNormalTap to Lock notification shows broken characters in non-English languages04/06/2015 04:58 pm
4961BugNewNormalPreference buttons and text should be mirrored to be right aligned in RTL languages04/06/2015 04:41 pm
4960BugNewNormalMirror Side Menu icons and buttons in Side Menu04/06/2015 04:09 pm
4959BugNewNormalAction Bar should be mirrored in RTL languages04/06/2015 03:59 pm
4958BugNewNormalWipe App screen should be mirrored for RTL languages04/06/2015 03:44 pm
4957BugNewNormalTips to Reduce Data Consumption and About Zamaneh Tribune sections of About aren't localized04/06/2015 03:04 pm
4955BugNewNormalCrash when setting passphrase after changing language04/06/2015 02:49 pm
4954BugNewNormalCapture Button for Text is longer than buttons for other options04/06/2015 02:24 pm
4945BugNewNormalZT icon is low quality (blurry) and Zamaneh is cut off04/02/2015 10:46 pm
4944BugNewNormalFeed Sync fails on first try after wiping app04/02/2015 08:57 pm
4943BugNewNormalCrash when receiving story through Secure Share for the first time04/02/2015 08:30 pm
4942BugNewNormalUser cannot delete or upload new captured/imported file in Media Upload04/02/2015 08:08 pm
4939BugNewNormalTrying to capture or import audio from StoryMaker opens bad recorder page04/02/2015 06:48 pm
4938BugNewNormalNo action when tapping Upload for text story in Media Uploads04/02/2015 06:35 pm
4937BugNewNormalUpload button is obscured by keyboard for text stories in Media Upload04/02/2015 06:25 pm
4936BugNewNormalManage Feeds missing from RZ and ZT menus04/02/2015 06:21 pm
4935BugNewNormalFeed content is not saved if another is synced04/02/2015 06:12 pm
4934BugNewNormalTapping Read Now on received story opens Manage Feeds instead of story04/02/2015 05:44 pm
4933BugNewNormalCannot Sync second feed04/02/2015 05:26 pm
4932BugNewNormalNo messaging exists to tell user to sync Video Feed04/02/2015 05:16 pm
4930BugNewNormalAction bar buttons can be accessed when covered by story04/02/2015 04:54 pm
4929BugNewNormalCrash after attempting to start Radio Playback with no wifi/data connection04/02/2015 04:22 pm
4928BugNewNormalNo message to user when Radio cannot be started due to connectivity problems04/02/2015 04:19 pm
4922BugNewNormalANR when setting passphrase04/01/2015 09:15 pm
4919BugNewNormalSecure Share can be initiated without connection to Tor04/01/2015 08:04 pm
4918BugNewNormalIntermittent failures to connect during Secure Share04/01/2015 07:53 pm
4916BugNewNormalReceived stories aren't added to feed until user refreshes or navigates away from and back to feed04/01/2015 07:38 pm
4915BugNewNormalCannot cancel Secure Share04/01/2015 07:27 pm
4913BugNewNormalCannot wipe app while Secure Share is in progress04/01/2015 06:59 pm
4912BugNewNormalANR when trying to cancel Secure Share04/01/2015 06:56 pm
4911BugNewNormalBad behavior when tapping on an unchecked feed in Manage Feeds04/01/2015 06:28 pm
4908BugNewNormalFeed Sync will work even if Orbot crashes or disconnects04/01/2015 04:46 pm
4901BugNewNormalSharing Feed through Bluetooth sends a bad link03/31/2015 08:53 pm
4899BugNewNormalReceived stories are missing source titles03/31/2015 08:08 pm
4898BugNewNormalCrash when opening Stories Received section03/31/2015 08:04 pm
4897BugNewNormalCrash when tapping Read button on received story from Secure Share03/31/2015 07:54 pm
4896BugNewNormalSecure Share popup doesn't close when user selects Read on received story03/31/2015 07:52 pm
4891BugNewNormalTags and Tag Search are missing in All Feeds03/31/2015 07:07 pm
4890BugNewNormalTapping Sync icon breaks Feed syncing03/31/2015 06:58 pm
4889BugNewNormalAudio Recordings aren't deleted when user wipes app03/31/2015 06:22 pm
4888BugNewNormalApp freeze when trying to set passphrase03/31/2015 06:19 pm
4887BugNewNormalAudio playback is not paused when new recording is initiated03/31/2015 05:44 pm
4885BugNewNormalCrash when opening Audio recorder03/31/2015 05:19 pm
4884BugNewNormalAudio recording persists if user navigates away from and back to page03/31/2015 05:16 pm
4883BugNewNormalMedia Uploads: Only three audio recordings can be saved03/31/2015 05:11 pm
4882BugNewNormalUser is navigated to YouTube video without being warned that it is an insecure site03/31/2015 04:54 pm
4881BugNewNormalTurning CC on in video feed crashes RZ03/31/2015 04:46 pm
4876BugNewNormalEmail address for sending Text Story is autofilled with RZ IT admin contact03/30/2015 08:06 pm
4875BugNewNormalCrash when starting and stopping audio recorder03/30/2015 07:43 pm
4874BugNewNormalSide Menu refresh animation doesn't work for individual feeds03/30/2015 07:17 pm
4872BugNewNormalFirst item in feed after sync is shown in pressed state coloring03/30/2015 06:31 pm
4871BugNewNormalTag Search: Show "Done" or Search button in keyboard instead of enter symbol03/30/2015 05:42 pm
4870BugNewNormalManage Feeds: User can add text that is not a proper URL03/30/2015 05:29 pm
4869BugNewNormalSyncing All Feeds should also sync each individual Feed03/30/2015 05:08 pm
4856BugNewNormalLimited options for sharing text stories03/27/2015 07:43 pm
4855BugNewNormalOccasional crashing when opening Text in Media Upload03/27/2015 07:40 pm
4854BugNewNormalVideo Feed sometimes freezes03/27/2015 07:34 pm
4853BugNewNormalVideo Feed syncing takes user to an intermediate new screen and then back to the app03/27/2015 07:18 pm
4852BugNewNormalOnly first added feed will be displayed in All Feeds03/27/2015 06:47 pm
4851BugNewNormalVideos can be played after app was locked03/27/2015 06:28 pm
4850BugNewNormalCrash when adding a new feed to All Feeds03/27/2015 06:50 pm
4848BugNewNormal"Lust for Life" feed shown by default03/27/2015 05:50 pm
4847BugNewNormalVideo Feed must be resynced each time user enters it03/27/2015 05:26 pm
4845BugNewNormalWipe App button missing from Video Feed11/12/2015 12:40 am
4844BugNewNormalUser must tap play twice to begin video playback from Video Feed03/27/2015 05:15 pm
4842BugNewNormalBack navigation in Media Upload is wrong03/27/2015 04:48 pm
4840BugNewNormalUI for RTL is incorrect on Media Upload Screen03/27/2015 04:17 pm
4838BugNewNormalVideo Feed can be synced without connection to Tor03/27/2015 04:04 pm
4832BugNewNormalUsers can add and sync feeds while not connected to Tor03/26/2015 07:09 pm
4831BugNewNormalNeeds messaging to user when no Feeds are added03/26/2015 06:58 pm
4830BugNewNormalNo Failed state in Manage Feeds03/26/2015 06:46 pm
4828BugNewNormalShare App does not actually provide a way to share the app03/26/2015 06:30 pm
4827BugNewNormalUser is not returned to Portrait after viewing a full size image from a story03/26/2015 06:16 pm
4826BugNewNormalOther media playback is not paused when Radio starts03/26/2015 05:56 pm
4825BugNewNormalSometimes keyboard can not be opened to enter URL on Manage Feeds03/26/2015 05:06 pm
4824BugNewNormalRadio playback does not stop while a call is active03/26/2015 04:32 pm
4823BugNewNormalStory tip is always shown in RTL format03/25/2015 08:33 pm
4821BugNewNormalSync animation never stops in Favorites 03/25/2015 08:02 pm
4820BugNewNormalFavorites are lost when refreshing the feed03/25/2015 07:50 pm
4819BugNewNormalSecurity: Tapping "Read Full Article" link immediately launches article in insecure browser without asking user 03/25/2015 07:39 pm
4818BugNewNormalCrash when loading new feed content into All Feeds03/25/2015 07:05 pm
4817BugNewNormal5.0 Lock Screen shows "Tap to Lock" notification that is not functional03/25/2015 06:40 pm
4816BugNewNormalRadio Zamaneh Feed Title shown in Arabic03/25/2015 06:17 pm
4815BugNewNormalFeed: Sync is not resumed after lapse in connectivity03/25/2015 05:41 pm
4814BugNewNormalFeed: Sync animation persists if connection is lost 03/25/2015 05:38 pm
4813BugNewNormalRadio playback does not resume properly after lapse in connection03/25/2015 05:18 pm
4804BugNewNormalFeed: Action bar flashes behind animation as stories are expanded and closed03/24/2015 10:11 pm
4803BugNewNormalSide Menu/Feeds: Refresh spinner animation persists until user closes menu03/24/2015 09:27 pm
4801BugNewNormalSearch filters and results persist when user navigates to new Feed03/24/2015 09:07 pm
4800BugNewNormalTags: Difficult to swipe and select a tag from list under story title03/24/2015 09:00 pm
4798BugNewNormalWrong information is sent when user tries to share Favorites or Received Feeds03/24/2015 08:31 pm
4797BugNewNormalNavigation to My Favorites and Stories Received Feeds only works if user is on Feeds03/24/2015 08:21 pm
4796BugNewNormalUser cannot navigate the app while waiting for Radio playback to begin03/24/2015 08:04 pm
4795BugNewNormalNeed to indicate when a Feed is still processing in the Side Menu and on the Feed screen03/24/2015 07:12 pm
4793BugNewNormalSome Feeds get stuck in Processing 03/24/2015 06:49 pm
4792BugNewNormalCrash when loading Feed after turning on Tor03/24/2015 06:36 pm
4786BugNewNormalShare: Selecting Radio Zamaneh as the share source opens Manage Feeds screen03/23/2015 10:54 pm
4785BugNewNormalApp crashes if user scrolls Feed while a story is downloading03/23/2015 10:26 pm
4784BugNewNormalFeeds do not load in new data03/23/2015 09:59 pm
4783BugNewNormalLinks in stories are not clickable03/23/2015 09:16 pm
4781BugNewNormalSide Menu button cannot be used to reconnect to Tor03/23/2015 09:05 pm
4780BugNewNormalRadio playback persists when user wipes app03/23/2015 08:34 pm
4779BugNewNormalANR when starting Radio play03/23/2015 07:57 pm
4778BugNewNormalApp crashes when Feed is accessed after wiping data03/23/2015 07:25 pm
4777BugNewNormalLock Screen: App crashes when incorrect passphrase attempts limit is exceeded03/23/2015 07:13 pm
4775BugNewNormalMedia Upload: User cannot playback audio or video captures in preview window03/23/2015 06:56 pm
4774TaskNewNormalSharing: Need to comply to character limit when sharing to Twitter03/23/2015 06:52 pm
4773BugNewUrgentSide Menu: "Connected to Tor" is highlighted if Orbot is installed but not running03/23/2015 05:51 pm
4771BugNewUrgentPreferences: Setting Passphrase time doesn't work, user must close app intentionally to activate micah03/23/2015 05:30 pm
4770BugNewImmediateCrash when entering passphrase to open app03/23/2015 05:07 pm
4769BugNewNormalHome Screen: Terms and Licenses link is brokenmicah03/23/2015 04:48 pm
4768BugNewUrgentWelcome Screen: Crash when selecting languagemicah03/23/2015 04:32 pm
4557BugNewNormalimport existing feeds option? 02/16/2015 06:23 pm
4529BugNewNormalheader text lines shown as inline text on VOA feed02/10/2015 03:40 pm
4522BugNewNormalsharing (aka ACTION_SEND) a link to Courier does not work02/09/2015 12:48 pm
4519FeatureNewNormalshow languages choices in native languages02/10/2015 11:17 am
4460TaskNewNormalPictures are blurry01/27/2015 02:35 pm
4453FeatureNewNormalMore friendly unlock screen01/27/2015 02:30 pm
4452BugResolvedNormalCourier IntentFilters claim all HTTP and HTTPS URLsvanevery07/13/2015 12:50 pm
4446BugNewNormalfile store is growing and growing, but the articles from the past are gonevanevery01/24/2015 01:41 pm
4433BugNewNormalapp hangs frequently (ANR)vanevery03/24/2015 07:49 pm
4432BugNewNormalremove nasty vibration when unocking courier - or add an option to turn it off01/21/2015 07:08 pm
4430FeatureNewNormalEdit feed source01/21/2015 02:48 pm
4424FeatureNewHighAdd Encrypted Newsfeed Cached backup to store favorited articles01/21/2015 07:09 pm
4337BugIn ProgressUrgentPerisan/Arabic characters are shown separatelymikael06/26/2015 07:32 pm
4292TaskIn ProgressNormalMinor Improvements for December releasemikael01/13/2015 03:52 pm
3874FeatureNewNormalNight Modecarriestiens10/15/2014 02:33 am
3715BugNewNormalpasswords with non-ASCII chars will not work if OS is upgraded to 4.4.2/android-20/KitKat09/05/2014 03:42 am
3684BugNewUrgentinclude PRNGFixes.java08/27/2014 07:38 pm
3544BugNewLowbad layout06/26/2014 07:24 pm
3541FeatureNewNormalMore items on All Feeds page06/26/2014 07:30 am
3525TaskNewNormalDiscuss User Feedbackocdavid06/19/2014 04:34 pm
3457BugNewNormalreally wide margins on full text on Galaxy Note 2carriestiens06/19/2014 04:37 pm
3454BugNewNormalsome content not wrapping properlymikael06/26/2015 08:17 pm
3453FeatureNewLowAdd support for atom feedsvanevery06/19/2014 04:39 pm
3452BugIn ProgressNormalsidebar font is hard to readcarriestiens06/26/2015 08:15 pm
3449FeatureNewNormalAdd multiple RSS feeds at oncevanevery06/06/2014 01:51 pm
3439BugNewNormalread-full-article issuevanevery06/19/2014 04:40 pm
3438BugNewNormalfeed and media fetchingvanevery03/24/2015 07:32 pm
3392BugNewNormaljava.lang.IllegalStateExceptionocdavid05/20/2014 01:39 am
3391BugNewNormaljava.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Invalid index 2, size is 1ocdavid05/20/2014 01:38 am
3390BugNewNormalNPE crash java.lang.NullPointerExceptionvanevery05/20/2014 01:38 am
3387FeatureNewNormalNotification of new stuffcarriestiens05/19/2014 03:12 pm
3385FeatureNewNormalAutomatically download full articleocdavid06/19/2014 04:42 pm
3148FeatureNewNormalprobe to see if https if available when adding feedsvanevery06/19/2014 04:43 pm
5346FeatureNewNormalOPML import/exportocdavid06/14/2015 11:54 pm02/14/2015
5345FeatureNewNormalOPML import/exportocdavid06/14/2015 11:54 pm02/14/2015
4375FeatureNewNormalOPML import/exportocdavid05/13/2015 09:40 pm02/14/2015

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