PixelKnot 0.3.3 is out!

Added by n8fr8 over 2 years ago

PixelKnot 0.3.3 has been released. This is a maintenance, stability and small UI update. It has been pushed to Google Play, and is available as an APK here:


A new version should be out on various F-Droid repositories soon as well.

  • Updated F5 steganography library
  • Improved password security feature
  • Cleaned up user interface for a more modern look
  • Added background processing of encode/decode steps (you can do other things while it works!)
  • More language support than ever!

a6da5a3 update tx mapping for some languages
ed9cef7 0.3.3 update with new languages
332112f updated string translations from transifex
293d914 update to 0.3.2
d58a0bd update project files
a905b31 reduce minimum password length
f0b6541 add script for jenkins to run to setup build
41216c8 strip .sh from build script names to standardize
4cae183 Revert "update paths to proper external", it was correct
a5efe28 update paths to proper external
b480b78 shifting git submodules back to https links
78a3f10 Merge pull request #8 from harlo/master
2e7a7d4 pin
312406f pin to latest, handling for stopping threads
561fece cruft removal
93a5729 added success listener, about abstracted into dialog builder class
9b7dd9e pretty-pretty; took off text suggestion on all edittexts (prevents calls to spellchecker api :/ )
1c6f6d6 comment fix
14d723d layout changes, standardizing colors
c0de395 pin to latest
1ffa507 new assets! and adding hooks into new background processing service
a5fcdfd en/decrypt now in superclass stegoprocessthread
af70266 cleanup
ebc0c8d notifications handling
86a4580 pin to latest f5 commit
442b87c minus logging
5b9e8f8 random phrases online
45f27c5 stubs for random phrase generation.
f9fafab stubs for notification added
add9323 loader handling
be764b2 fixes and pin
792e81d now stubbing out decryption
c1ca6f2 cleanup
cd023ef tying up loose ends
b0a641e cleanup and dialog to set mode (enc/dec) on enter via share intent
934c0f3 passphrase prompting at 2 points of access
c9cf66c abstracted passphrase dialog and cleanup
8d7a5ff my initial thoughts on passwords, seeds, and salts. subject to change
3cadd47 custom seed overrides
157bdce stubs
9fef3d0 i only do ssh push/pull because of 2fa. changed it.
70cd6a3 simplified transifex language mappings to new translation efforts
2bb8805 add support lib copying to
7e2b792 Added strings.
0785b38 Added GPLv3 License


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