User Stories

1. Choeying has been traveling in Tibet, secretly interviewing families of self immolators, to create a documentary about what is happening. She is using her smartphone as a video camera, and is worried about being caught with all of the videos on her device.

2. Steve is a human rights researcher traveling to Tibet under the guise of a tourist trekker, in order to get first hand knowledge of the situation on the ground. The organization supporting him wants to keep track of his location, status and whereabouts, and be notified if there are any anomalies in his behavior or activities.

3. During unrest in a region, it is known that activists are being detained and taken to the local prison for interrogation and torture, or if they are injured, to the local military hospital. Tashi wants his friends and family to know if he ends up in either location, whether he is able to trigger an alert or not.

4. An organization gets regularly raided by the security forces, who search all of the computers and mobile devices on the premises. This organization is also targeted by the cyber security group, who aim to monitor all of their internet communications. The organization almost always has at least a few minutes of warning before a raid starts. They need a very reliable way to trigger wiping all of the data from the sensitive apps.

5. An aid worker has lots of sensitive data about people on their device. They regularly sync that data up with a secure, central database. Occasionally, the aid worker has to leave the country on very short notice. The border guards regularly download the entire contents of mobile devices of people crossing through. While waiting in line at the border, the aid worker sees the border guards seizing people's devices, and then remembers all the data on the device, so she unlocks her phone and hits the wipe trigger, which wipes all sensitive apps from the device. When the aid worker returns to the central office, the device is again synced up with the central database.

5. "Enterprise Remote Wipe" An organization wants to enable a central administrator to wipe all the organization's devices to a generic state.

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