Metrics + Evaluation

1. Deliverables

  • Published definitions of panic scenarios, user stories, and design guidelines - “What is ‘Panic’ and how should your app react?”
  • Mobile software libraries as reference implementation for panic feature support, that will include capabilities for:
  • Implementing secure storage that can be quickly wiped, and overwriting insecure data store types with masking data
  • Background emergency beaconing to default transports (SMS, Email) and a transport plug-in framework
  • Reusable user interface components for panic feature configuration and triggering
  • Example code for GeoFencing and wearable triggers
  • Established software patterns and usability guidelines for implementing Panic features into applications
  • 10-15 published patterns in public repository website of panic feature
  • At least five prominent human rights or main stream applications incorporate Panic feature patterns and/or libraries

2. Expected Impact

  • Increased awareness of Panic as a necessary software feature for high-risk users
  • Reduced risk due to implementation in apps used by high risk targets

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