Summer ostel training

The group was about 10 to 15. The competency ranged from app developer
to concerned power user. There was a good number of Chinese speakers.
Three by my count. As expected, they brought up WeChat often. I
mentioned my work with Weibo, which got some unexpected lulz
considering I have no reading comprehension in Chinese

I took a risk and went in without testing the current version of
Linphone for crypto support. I got a message last week which said both
the iOS and Android versions have "encryption support" after some of
us already confirmed ZRTP was excluded. Unfortunately, the upstream
developers haven't released a binary with ZRTP, despite the misleading
information from the linphone dev list.

So I pointed the group to my Test Flight team, named "Guardian Project
software QA". I had never done a public beta distribution of this size
at one time through Test Flight but how difficult could it be? The
Android distribution was quick and easy. Predictably, the iOS
distribution was far more difficult. I didn't understand how to
properly do it myself. After some help from Michael Tigas, who IIRC
distributes the iOS version of OnionKit or OnionBrowser, I figured out
how to add the group of 6 people with iPhones to the distribution list
and got them up and running with an exclusive beta release of Linphone
with full crypto!

I feel validated with the decision to support Linphone over CSipSimple
due to the video support. That feature is decisively better for user
adoption. The moment when two people in the room placed a secure video
call they were amazed at the ease of this client.

The workshop took about two hours and the group was engaged the whole
way through. We found a couple of bugs and I learned more about the
restrictions of developing Apple software. There was good criticism of
the ZRTP agreement UI, which I'm going to bring up at the OpenITP
conference in Berlin.

In conclusion, the group was impressed at the possibility of a free
public service which uses Internet standards to make voice and video
calls across so many different platforms. The critical response was
respectful and I'm going to follow up with Linphone devs with our
results. We didn't have time to test inter-domain calling between the domain and I'll do this myself later in the
week. I'm optimistic since I've already placed inter-domain calls to

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