As of 2010, Azeri VoIP services are legal, but required to be licensed. The main telecommunications regulator in Azerbaijan is the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies (MCIT). A variety of providers (the main land line provider and government-owned AzTelecom, the main mobile provider Azercell, Azeronline, Azerfone, Adanet, and the chief ISP AzEuroTel) offer telecom and internet service. Azerfone's 3G network was deployed in Baku and other urban centers in late 2009; Azercell and Bakcell were granted 3G licenses in late 2011. In March of 2012, Azercell received a license for 4G service to begin in May of 2012 however, uptake of 3G service from these providers is low (under 25% of users). At the end of 2011, overall Internet penetration was 44.1% of the population.

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