Orfox Spec

1. Background on code/project/build
- The Orfox code is currently built upon the Tor Browser ESR38 release

2. Proposed Changes
- The aim of Orfox is to match the specs of the tor browser bundle for the desktop.
We plan on making it an almost exact replica of the desktop app in order to provide
a similar user experience to people who have been using the desktop browser.
This newly implemented browser would hopefully be a replacement application to
the current Orweb app that we have.

We will match the Tor Browser design and re-use code/patches when at all possible:

Match Tor Browser Desktop spec:
- Bundling Add-ons: HTTPS Everywhere, No Script, Clean Exit

Android-specific changes:
- remove permissions for GPS, camera, microphone, NFC, contacts, accounts
- remove mozilla sync features (currently blocked but not totally stripped out)
- remove screen casting feature
- remove webrtc android specific code
- added in proxying support at Java layer, not yet supported by Mozilla
- added mobile browsing mode that changes the user agent to a mobile one

3. Build/release process
The build release cycle still has to be decided.

4. Risks, Unknowns, QuestionsFennec and the build instructions can be found at https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mobile/Fennec/Android#Building_Fennec. Once successfully built, this source produces a folder named android_eclipse which is where the main Fennec Browser app code is present.

5. Positives
- The vulnerabilities seen at http://xordern.net/ip-leakage-of-mobile-tor-browsers.html are not seen on Orfox.