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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Due date
8571FeatureIn ProgressNormalChange default "Top Sites" to our sitesamoghbl101/06/2018 08:31 am06/18/2015
8531FeatureNewImmediateLast update12/01/2017 02:11 am12/22/2017
8438FeatureNewImmediateLanguagesAnonymous08/27/2017 05:44 pm
8434FeatureResolvedUrgentOrfox/Firefox widget or search option isn't Torifiedamoghbl108/23/2017 09:46 pm05/31/2016
8431FeatureNewHighvi amoghbl108/23/2017 09:22 pm
8259FeatureNewHighPort TorButton to android and includeamoghbl104/25/2017 12:58 pm
8212FeatureNewNormalCan the NoScript Add-in be reinstalled after its been uninstalled?03/10/2017 06:56 pm
8175FeatureNewNormalfirefox02/09/2017 05:44 am
8173FeatureNewNormalfirefox02/08/2017 11:15 am
8168FeatureNewHighPort TorButton to android and includeamoghbl102/08/2017 08:09 am
7907FeatureNewNormalAdd version info component09/12/2016 12:11 pm
7765FeatureNewUrgentOrfox/Firefox widget or search option isn't Torifiedamoghbl107/21/2016 03:23 pm05/31/2016
7700FeatureNewUrgentOrfox/Firefox widget or search option isn't Torifiedamoghbl107/01/2016 07:44 pm05/31/2016
7653FeatureNewNormaldo not hard link to youtube app06/12/2016 11:51 pm
7518FeatureNewNormalswitch Orfox java proxying from HTTP to SOCKSamoghbl105/29/2016 05:05 am09/01/2016
7444FeatureResolvedUrgentOrfox/Firefox widget or search option isn't Torifiedamoghbl107/26/2016 01:58 pm05/31/2016
7091FeatureNewNormalsupport NEWNYM identity switching from OrfoxAnonymous04/16/2016 03:20 pm
6964FeatureNewImmediateSecurity Enhancements04/08/2016 07:04 am
6963FeatureNewHighMake Noscript better05/19/2016 02:23 pm
6612FeatureNewHighAllow optionally disk writes with warning dlg05/19/2016 02:23 pm
6454FeatureNewHighPort TorButton to android and includeamoghbl105/19/2016 02:10 pm
6258FeatureNewNormalChange appearance of app to not look identical to Firefox for android11/12/2015 10:06 am
6257FeatureNewNormalEnable do not track by default11/12/2015 10:06 am
6256FeatureNewNormalReplace search options with disconnect search and duckduckgo-Zsh-11/12/2015 10:05 am
5989FeatureNewNormaldefault download folder10/11/2015 04:04 pm

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