From 12/19/2017 to 01/17/2018


08:31 am Feature #8571 (In Progress): Change default "Top Sites" to our sites
At least get in there as a defaul option Anonymous


11:29 pm Bug #8567 (New): Orfox won't allow to download media content
When attempting to downloading media files, such as podcasts and pictures, there is no menu option for saving file, o... Anonymous


11:50 am Bug #8563 (New): Showing ''proxy server is refusing connections''while using orbot
how to solve this error Anonymous
07:35 am Task #8562 (Closed): Figure out how to handle HTTPSEverywhere and other plugins
We need to use the mobile plugins instead of the desktop ones Anonymous


02:07 pm Task #8555 (New): Orfox ignores proxy when loading favicons
Firefox on Android downloads favicons without respecting proxy
preferences. See here:

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