From 05/13/2015 to 06/11/2015


07:36 pm Task #5318 (Resolved): XPCOMInit.cpp crashes app
The current orfox branch used a replaced version of xpcom/build/XPCOMInit.cpp . Trying to find something that could ... amoghbl1
07:18 pm Task #5149: Design and implement packet leak detection!
NoRootFirewall is one simple approach to detect this... there should be no traffic from Orfox, only from Orbot n8fr8
07:17 pm Feature #5317 (Closed): Add HTTP proxying at the Java layer in mobile/android code
Must proxy both android and apache HTTP API calls! n8fr8
07:16 pm Bug #3826 (Resolved): proxy server refusing connections
07:16 pm Bug #4028 (Resolved): X-REQUESTED-WITH header reveals browser
This is resolved with new Orfox build (only a problem with Orweb) n8fr8
07:15 pm Task #4327 (Resolved): Review new Fennec android build process
07:15 pm Task #5146 (Resolved): get mobile firefox to build with same ESR as tor browser
07:14 pm Bug #4307 (Resolved): tabs
06:57 pm Task #5316 (Resolved): nsXREDirProvider.cpp crashes app
The current orfox branch used a replaced version of toolkit/xre/nsXREDirProvider.cpp . Trying to find something that ... amoghbl1
02:24 pm Bug #5314 (Closed): Build Problems
The changes to seem to have caused build problems.
Follow up wit...
02:22 pm Fixed Proxying problems
The android app doesn't use the browser/app/profile configs and hence I've moved 000-tor-browser.js located there int... amoghbl1
02:22 pm


09:38 pm Revision 7190c1a6 (orfox): bringing tor-browser submodule up to speed
09:26 pm Fixed 4.4 Crash
The apk build on the orfox-tb_GECKO380esr_2015050513_RELBRANCH branch caused a crash in android 4.4 devices.
09:25 pm
Built with the android .mozconfig against the tor-browser repo, orfox branch amoghbl1
09:17 pm Revision 56d77e7b (orfox): bringing tor-browser submodule up to speed
08:52 pm Task #5187 (Closed): Telemetry needs to be fixed
Moving to esr 38 automatically solves this. amoghbl1


09:28 pm Build on tor-bundle.git
After more work on the patches and builds, I finally boiled it down to one file.
toolkit/xre/nsXREDirProvider.cpp se...
04:54 am Revision 24e7fac0 (orfox): moving submodule to the current working branch
04:16 am Revision a376e992 (orfox): mozconfig template not required anymore
04:16 am Revision 23b069e8 (orfox): changes to build script to reflect changes to the orfox repo


07:22 pm Task #5187 (Resolved): Telemetry needs to be fixed
Resolved this issue with the new apk. amoghbl1
06:58 pm Orfox Proxy at Java layer Update
The Firefox for Android applications have multiple calls at the Java/Android layer where it does not proxy the httpcl... amoghbl1


06:38 pm Bug #5238 (Closed): Orfox leaks DNS requests
I see lots of DNS requests outside Tor.
From Orbot itself:,
06:36 pm Bug #5237 (Closed): Orfox stores cookies
By default, Orfox stores cookies. If its behaviour is meant to mimic Tor Browser, then cookies should be deleted upo... Anonymous
06:34 pm Bug #5236 (Closed): Orfox misses a quit/exit menu entry
Firefox on Android has Quit menu entry, Orfox does not. Anonymous
06:31 pm Bug #5235 (Closed): Orfox ignores proxy when loading favicons
Firefox on Android downloads favicons without respecting proxy
preferences. See here:


02:17 am Build Finally running
After manually applying a set of patches and applying them, I seem to have finally come up with a stable build. The o... amoghbl1


05:21 am
apk with first 35 patches of the 72 patches applied. Uses tor and seems to pass all tests on amoghbl1


03:49 am Build Update
After trying to comb through the files changed between esr38 and tb_GECKO380esr_2015050513_RELBRANCH (tb release), it... amoghbl1


02:02 am ESR38 vs ESR31
The current stable build of Tor Browser has been built on ESR31 version of firefox but work is currently underway to ... amoghbl1


06:30 am Bug #3824 (Closed): A fix to
This bug makes no sense amoghbl1
06:29 am Bug #4218 (Closed): Orfox dies shortly after launch in Android 5.0+
06:24 am Bug #4218: Orfox dies shortly after launch in Android 5.0+
Same as #5147, fixed with amoghbl1
06:29 am Task #5187 (Closed): Telemetry needs to be fixed
Currently, the Orfox app gets built on the tor-browser repo but does not load anything. This might be due to the line... amoghbl1
06:24 am Task #5147 (Closed): get build to work on Android 5 / Lollipop
Fixed with commit amoghbl1
05:27 am Revision 9c2e9c5e (orfox): mozconfig changes, apk too big, trying to find minimum flags needed
05:14 am Revision 04a95951 (orfox): restructured to comply with tests check


09:33 pm Revision ec4107fc (orfox): jenkins build changes'
05:13 am Revision 477c50ec (orfox): jenkins build script updated
12:38 am Revision d3fb863b (orfox): Changes to mozconfig template to work with the tor-browser repo


09:14 pm Orfox Build
The currently build apk I have is build on the tor-browser-31.7.0esr-5.0-1 branch of tor-browser repo. I have also ap... amoghbl1

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