From 04/12/2015 to 05/11/2015


05:19 pm Task #5149 (New): Design and implement packet leak detection!
We need to ensure that DNS or other traffic from Orfox is always routed through Tor.
Look into using laptop as wif...
05:15 pm Feature #5148 (New): Add PanicLib support to Orfox
Implement support for the PanicLib project, specifically Panic Receiver to delete sensitive data in a panic situation... n8fr8
05:11 pm Task #5147 (Closed): get build to work on Android 5 / Lollipop
05:11 pm Task #5146 (Closed): get mobile firefox to build with same ESR as tor browser
okay if it only works on Android 4.x n8fr8

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