Orbot Intent API

NetCipher for client integration

  • Is Orbot installed?
  • Install Orbot please
  • send requests (start, status, etc)

The Spirit of the New Intent API

  • all state changes are broadcast (ON, OFF, STARTING, STOPPING)
  • ON Broadcast includes what ports/protocols are available, if VPN Mode, etc
  • apps can request start via org.torproject.android.intent.action.START Intent
  • receive direct reply via the same BroadcastReceiver as the global broadcasts
  • Orbot's replies should include the current proxy info, i.e.
            reply.putExtra(EXTRA_SOCKS_PROXY, "socks://" + mPortSOCKS);
            reply.putExtra(EXTRA_SOCKS_PROXY_HOST, "");
            reply.putExtra(EXTRA_SOCKS_PROXY_PORT, mPortSOCKS);
            reply.putExtra(EXTRA_HTTP_PROXY, "" + mPortHTTP);
            reply.putExtra(EXTRA_HTTP_PROXY_HOST, "");
            reply.putExtra(EXTRA_HTTP_PROXY_PORT, mPortHTTP);

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