From 12/10/2014 to 01/08/2015


03:40 am Feature #3335: Don't proxy for local networks
Opting applications out of being proxied by Orbot because they require local LAN access leaves them open to public IP... roshfall
03:34 am Feature #785: Allow Orbot exclusions for transparent proxying
Not to nag, but I notice the target version is 14. Has this issue been given any thought since its post date? roshfall


09:14 pm Bug #4348 (New): Orbot not starting on micromax A116
Log is as follows
tor: PRE: Is binary exec? false
(re)Setting permission on binary: /data/data/org.torproject.andro...


08:19 pm Bug #4331 (New): Orbot 14.1.4 locks up Asus MemoPad 7 (K013)
Orbot starts, may even show download/upload stats, then after some varying delay the tablet locks up and has to be re... Anonymous


04:49 pm Bug #4273 (Resolved): Orbot not starting on Asus K019 with Android 4.4.2 (rooted)
We do not currently support Intel ATOM processors n8fr8


04:55 am Bug #4295 (New): bootstrap error
bootstrapp stuck at 65%
WARN: 37 connections have failed:
WARN: 18 connections died in state connect()ing with ...


10:41 pm Bug #4273 (Resolved): Orbot not starting on Asus K019 with Android 4.4.2 (rooted)
This is the Log after installing and starting Orbot 14.1.4-noPIE
on my Asus:
Orbot is starting...
Orbot is start...

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