ObscuraCam v2 RC2b available here and on Google Play

Added by n8fr8 over 5 years ago

Thanks to the sleuthing work of Andrew and Hans, we were able to sort out most if not all of our FFMPEG memory leak, crashing, and corruption issues. I've released this new build that includes a new version of FFMPEG, and code that insures that users wiht existing ObscuraCam installs are upgraded to the new release.

You can get the direct APK here:
or just wait until it shows up in Google Play (uploaded already, but not refreshed publicly yet).

I've made a number of other small tweaks this update as well:

- Auto-tween is on by default, which dramatically improves face detect capability. See this video I shot of (not) Sam speaking on Monday, that was obscured only using auto face decect + tween:

- I fixed the bug that didn't let you resize/move regions when the media player was paused

- I've enable the popup menu while the video is playing, which makes setting in/out points easier

All in all, I think it should be a good time to do a small follow-on mediablitz with all the YouTube face blur excitement out there

ObscuraCam v2 alpha 3

Added by n8fr8 over 5 years ago

(posting to dev site as well)

Latest build of ObscuraCam v2 (alpha 3) for review/feedback:

This includes an overhaul of the video region tracking. It now has the notion of a "trail" of regions, where each region acts like a key frame, within an overall collection (trail) with start and end times. I am not doing tweaning between keyframes yet, but should have the working shortly.

Also two finger region resizing is working both for editing an existing region and tracking in real time during video playback.

The Image editor also has some small bug fixes and performance improvements.

All UIs are ICS enhanced now, but will continue to work on 2.3 and above.

I have also debugged the video a bit, so the default output format is now 480x320, 30fps, 500kbps in 3GP container, which is the recmnd default Android video format. The settings menu allows a user

I am working this week to finish up:
- selecting redact (black) or pixel mode for a region trail
- hopefully implement Andrew's new safer time blurred mosaic/pixel code
- slow speed playback for more accurate tracking.



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