Tomy Detachable Secure Mobile System


A mobile system inspired by TAILS: The Amnesic Incognito Live System (

Tomy comes from "Autotomy" au·tot·o·my noun \o?-?tä-t?-m?\
"reflex separation of a part (as an appendage) from the body : division of the body into two or more pieces"

Concept Summary

Using a modern mobile phone or tablet, it should be possible to boot an entire mobile operating system, user data space, kernel, etc, from an external USG-OTG or SD Card. This would allow users to have a secondary instance of their mobile OS that would be entirely separate from the internal instance stored on the devices internal flash memory. There are numerous reasons and motivations for this which we will document separately.

Project Status

We are in early hacking and prototyping phase. Please share ideas on our guardian-dev list, #guardianproject on freenode, or post feature requests on this project.

Components Include

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