JSON Mobile Media Metadata (J3M)

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Sample J3M File

Below is annotated version of the JSON data in a typical J3M bundle. You can view more actual J3M data through our public testbed at https://j3m.info

This represents where the file was original stored on the InformaCam app's encrypted internal storage. This will be rarely used, but could be helpful in extreme situations where inspection of the capture device is necessary:

{"asset_path": "submissions/45454ac1ade36ebec3749e8dc2aedc4b",

The Genealogy tag provides the basic data about the source of the media. "hashes" is an MD5 hash of all the pixel values of the image or video frames. "createdOnDevice" is the OpenPGP public key fingerprint for the user/app. "dateCreated" is a timestamp value for when the media capture occured.

"genealogy": {"localMediaPath": "/e61756a62a37535b77b0183318c79d26a2e0bdf0", "hashes": ["9230de4b067b2f14afcaa41d23b30a09"], "j3m_version": "J3M version 1.0", "createdOnDevice": >"694db2c3ecc07ac07f63e323f7b9a0cefada94cf", "dateCreated": 1386690725995},

file_name is the name of the J3M file as stored in the phone's internal memory

"file_name": "kxerFDrNCHiNOxawWUgYEbknbC.j3m",

public_hash is a SHA-1 cryptographic hash that combines the user's public key fingerprint and the MD5 media hash from above. This is used as the searchable public token identifier for the media file

"public_hash": "b840cbfd806865fff8cc34078540224cfe804ae5",

Intent represents the alias of the person who captured it, again their pgp key fingerprint, and who they meant to send this media file to, along with any record of it actually being transmitted. The "intendedDestination" information comes from any installed "trusted destination" or ICTD configuration files, that are stored in the app

"intent": {"alias": "ai whiteness", "ownershipType": 400, "pgpKeyFingerprint": "694db2c3ecc07ac07f63e323f7b9a0cefada94cf", "intendedDestination": "InformaCam Testbed"},
"date_admitted": 1386726920279.5662, "_id": "86ae352e68328c06de7840f4cb6be809",

The "data" section is where the sensor metadata logs are stored. It is an array if timestamped, sensorCapture items

"data": {
"sensorCapture": [

This is an orientation event, containing azimuth, pitch and roll, both in raw formats and "corrected" based on the orientation the user is holding their phone

{"timestamp": 1386690720753, "captureType": 271, "sensorPlayback": {"azimuthCorrected": -1.84727144241333, "pitchCorrected": 0.017154498025774956, "azimuth": 43.07861328125, "pitch": >-18.8385009765625, "roll": -132.7789306640625, "rollCorrected": -0.12050031125545502}},

This is a light meter value

{"timestamp": 1386690734267, "captureType": 271, "sensorPlayback": {"lightMeterValue": 13}},

This is a combined event with light meter and pressure data, both raw, and adjusted based on the phone's indicated local elevation

{"timestamp": 1386690729261, "captureType": 271, "sensorPlayback": {"pressureHPAOrMBAR": 1007.3463134765625, "lightMeterValue": 10, "pressureAltitude": 49.26783752441406}},

This is "visibleWifiNetworks" event capture displaying network names, frequency, strength and MAC address information

{"timestamp": 1386690729939, "captureType": 271, "sensorPlayback": {"visibleWifiNetworks": [{"bssid": "28:c6:8e:ba:ea:dc", "wifiFreq": 5220, "wifiLevel": -93, "bt_hash": >"afbf1e7ffc07f6b4471e34f8470f5fde947a8f2b", "ssid": "cloudcity5ghz"}, {"bssid": "1c:af:f7:d8:db:61", "wifiFreq": 2462, "wifiLevel": -88, "bt_hash": >"9c1cb7186bea393589ac3a591052f91da423205e", "ssid": "Cloud10"}, {"bssid": "28:c6:8e:ba:ea:da", "wifiFreq": 2437, "wifiLevel": -61, "bt_hash": "7b3b34fe541048f0e0800f1b788dc44cfdf6a59d", >"ssid": "cloudcity"},...

This is a GPS location event, display latitude, longitude and current accuracy of the sensor, based on whether it is coming from satellite, wifi, cell towers, etc.

{"timestamp": 1386690719706, "captureType": 271, "sensorPlayback": {"gps_coords": [-71.1253508, 42.3286856], "gps_accuracy": "32.119"}},

This is an accelerometer event, showing X,Y,Z motion data

{"timestamp": 1386690721758, "captureType": 271, "sensorPlayback": {"acc_z": 9.188077926635742, "acc_y": 2.7202823162078857, "acc_x": -1.9511220455169678}},

This is a telephony event, showing both any bluetooth devices noticed in the area, and information about the cellular network tower the smartphone is currently registered with. If the device is a wifi only device, or is not using a SIM card, this data will simply be omitted. The bluetooth device address does NOT display the name of the actual device MAC address, but instead shows a one-way hash value. This was an attempt to preserve some privacy for individuals who might be in the area. e

{"timestamp": 1386690719714, "captureType": 271, "sensorPlayback": {"bluetoothDeviceAddress": "5d9d203488950ff20c07b6dbfe9a8b8ddabafc6c", "LAC": "36493", "MCC": "310260", >"bluetoothDeviceName": "Nexus 4", "cellTowerId": "79211356"}},

After the sensor data, the J3M then shows basic "EXIF" style information from the capture device:

"exif": {"orientation": 0, "focalLength": -1, "timestamp": "2013:12:10 10:51:48", "make": "LGE", "flash": -1, "height": 960, "width": 1280, "iso": "100", "location": [-71.1250228881836, >42.32872772216797], "duration": 0, "model": "Nexus 4", "exposure": "0.033", "whiteBalance": -1, "aperture": "2.7"},

Finally, any user annotations, based on Open Data Kit forms provided as part of the "Trusted Destination" file, are shown here:

The form definition used is indicated, and a basic free text annotation is shown here:

"userAppendedData": [{"associatedForms": [{"path": "/forms/493dde68c49e6b99556186a3e776d705.xml", "namespace": "iWitness Free Text Annotations", "id": "234d025ee64976d27e1d2305f80824bc", >"answerData": {"iW_free_text": "watch out for icy sidewalks and roads"}}], "timestamp": 1386690794797, "id": "cdb7c22265121160dec5c0598263f58c"}, {"associatedForms": [{"path": >"/forms/493dde68c49e6b99556186a3e776d705.xml", "namespace": "iWitness Free Text Annotations", "id": "b63a2a65fc91dd9744d6cd5cea5cb28d", "answerData": {"iW_free_text": "this tree might >fall down"}},

If an annotation is placed at specific X,Y point in the image, or X,Y+time window for video, that information is also provided:

{"path": "/forms/46b9f8e70113ae0f39ae26338c0dc433.xml", "namespace": "iWitness v 1.0", "id": "fae0900eec13baefce4f98b895b80405",
"answerData": {"iW_individual_identifiers": "Victim"}}], "timestamp": 1386690798758, "regionBounds": {"top": 224, "displayLeft": 415, "height": 118, "width": -37, "displayWidth": 115, >"startTime": -1, "displayTop": 224, "displayHeight": 118, "endTime": -1, "left": 263}, "id": "1e9d35bed92b8fdfe46b251afb3227f2", "index": 0}, {"associatedForms": [{"path": >"/forms/493dde68c49e6b99556186a3e776d705.xml", "namespace": "iWitness Free Text Annotations", "id": "b63a2a65fc91dd9744d6cd5cea5cb28d", "answerData": {"iW_free_text": "this tree might >fall down"}}, {"path": "/forms/46b9f8e70113ae0f39ae26338c0dc433.xml", "namespace": "iWitness v 1.0", "id": "fae0900eec13baefce4f98b895b80405", "answerData": {"iW_individual_identifiers": >"Victim"}}], "timestamp": 1386690798758, "regionBounds": {"top": 224, "displayLeft": 415, "height": 118, "width": -37, "displayWidth": 115, "startTime": -1, "displayTop": 224, >"displayHeight": 118, "endTime": -1, "left": 263}, "id": "1e9d35bed92b8fdfe46b251afb3227f2", "index": 0}]}}

Notes on logged values

The J3M data collected by the mobile client should be as un-interpreted as possible. The Unveillance package should be responsible for interpreting and normalizing all data. Given that J3M data will be a bit "dirty" on input, please not the following when cleaning the data.

Impossible Values

To easily translate values from JSON into our database, certain values must not be null, or NaN, but must be given impossible values that still adhere to the expected type. The following notes apply to specific values: