Orfox - Firefox-based Privacy Enhanced Browser

Description of the project:
With almost 1 million downloads, our Orweb browser has been a popular solution for easily accessing the web via Tor or any other HTTP or SOCKS proxy, while also ensuring local data caches are cleared and cookies are properly managed. Orweb is based on WebView, which has its limitations unfortunately. We would like to move to a Firefox/Fennec/GeckoView based browser, and have created a prototype for it. Mozilla has begun releasing GeckoView as a standalone component, as well, but it needs more testing, debugging and work on integration into our streamlined browser app model. Our end goal is to have a mobile browser that matches Tor Browser in terms of privacy enhancing features and security.

Confirmed Mentor: Nathan F.

How to contact the mentor: @n8fr8

Confirmed co-mentors:

Deliverables of the project:

  • Orfox geckoview-based browser with feature parity of Orweb browser
  • Implement additional features and capabilities based on Tor Browser patches for Fennec/Mozilla core
  • Leak/security/audit testing of implemented solution with write-ups, reports posted publicly

Desirable skills:

  • Ability to build Fennec and GeckoView libraries from source using Android SDK, NDK, etc
  • Some understanding of browser security models, threats
  • Ability to do simple audits to ensure browser proxying is not leaking DNS, media streams or other network traffic

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