IMAWESOME (Always Secure Messaging)

Always Secure Messaging ("AweSoMe") is a collaborative effort to build interoperable, open-source, secure messaging applications, that work from mobile to mobile, as well as mobile to web. In particular, the goal is to create an extremely usable and high quality experience, that simultaneously supports one-to-one and one-to-many (group) end-to-end secure messaging communications.

Overall, we want to promote messaging tools and the projects behind them taht are truly awesome, and willing to collaborate in an awesome manner. Additionally, we seek to aid users who care about, or absolutely require, secure and private messaging, by providing with a simple labeling of "AWESOME" or "NOT AWESOME".

The basic principles below guide our efforts:
  1. We believe in Security by Default, Privacy by Design
  2. We believe in practical, usable solutions to perilous problems.
  3. We believe in open protocols, not just products.
  4. We believe in partnerships, not proprietary fiefdoms.
  5. We believe in building a community of collaborators, not a cacophony of criticism and unnecessary competition.

Founding Members & Apps

Project Links

User Expectations

  • Verifiable end-to-end encryption
  • Ability to control local storage, logging
  • Message queuing and delivery when out of coverage, or in spotty coverage
  • Always on / Start on boot
  • Ability to manage buddies, contacts, groups, identities
  • Group Messaging

Existing Standards

Additional Projects We Hope Will Join Us

  • Xabber (Android open-source)
  • Pidgin (Windows / Linux IM)
  • Adium (Mac OS)
  • Silent Circle (multi-app secure mobile service)
  • TextSecure (Android SMS OTR)
  • Psi+ (crossplatform chat client with OTR):

Apps that are NOT Awesome

From Almost Awesome to DEFINITELY NOT Awesome here is a list of apps to be wary of if security and privacy are important to you

  • Google Talk App (Better Security, Open Protocols, but not end-to-end secure)
  • Google+ Messenger (Somewhat Secure, Multi-platform, but closed)
  • Blackberry Messenger aka "BBM" (Secure, but Closed / Single Platform)
  • Facebook Messenger (Insecure, Closed, Poor Policies)
  • Apple iMessage (Somewhat Secure, but Closed / Single Platform)
  • WhatsApp! (Horribly Insecure, Closed Protocol)

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