ChatSecure v14.2.0 - squashing those bugs, making it nice!

Added by n8fr8 over 2 years ago

ChatSecure v14.2.0 is out. This round was all about squashing bugs,
reducing memory and improving network stability.


  • IMPROVED: More efficient network reconnect and contacts loading
  • FIXED: Support for custom server ports
  • FIXED: Network reconnect more reliably in spotty coverage
  • ADDED: Shared image preview shown in main conversations list
  • IMPROVED: Better support for sending offline messages when back online
  • IMPROVED: Force encryption messages now works more reliably
  • IMPROVED: Better sharing of external photos from Gallery and other
  • IMPROVED: Cleaner user interface with less background graphics

View full changelog here:

ChatSecure v12 RC2 (12.6.3)

Added by n8fr8 over 4 years ago

Hash: SHA1

ChatSecure 12.6.3 (88)

Platform: Android
Size: 11.4 MB

Download & Install

via APK:

via Google Play "Beta":

via HockeyApp:

What's New?

- - lockscreen fixes (crashed on landscape/tablet devices)
- - chat view init bug fixing, to ensure easy viewing on and offline
- - improvements in OTR / XMPP resource locking to ensure better OTR
session startup
- - higher-res emoji and a super cool notification sound (off by default)

Commit Log
5d3c8df updating version to 12.6.3
fb674bd hmm, maybe we should keep debug in
2979271 Merge pull request #313 from n8fr8/bug_otr_session_init
1f33bd1 fixes #2095 with OTR session setup
8f902e6 Merge branch ?master? of
3574d54 Merge pull request #311 from devrandom/cacheword1
258eb05 don?t commit the Debug file please
b690ee9 apply cacheword cleanup to ImU rlActivity
ba8de60 hot fix for commit merge issue we want update view to also
update if no connection
8964a71 hot fix for commit merge issue resolution
83c0035 Merge pull request #309 from n8fr8/bug_presence_not_updating
2f1495c Merge branch ?fixes2? of into devrandom-fixes2
2e7d451 Refresh ChatView if service wasn?t connected on activity start
41905c8 fix unencrypted keystore saving
0b0b7df Merge pull request #308 from n8fr8/feature_custom_notify_sound
314c3c5 fix lack of ChatView update when not connected
a79c2ef handle null connection in presence processing, after sign off
c983876 should load presence when contact lists are loaded
7639de6 add subtle dividing lines between footer and header in chatview
fefbe82 make sidebar buttons full width
251f08c a dd support for use of a custom ringtone
b7477a6 Refresh ChatView if service wasn?t connected on activity start
c16fbee Merge pull request #306 from n8fr8/bugs_minor_ui
077e952 use setIntent() instead of new variable for onNewIntent
209a23a Merge pull request #305 from n8fr8/bug_fix_lockscreen_npe
f793b78 add a warning if file transfer is attempted w/o otr
f3ea1a1 restore higher-res emoji graphics
763d0dd make secure state more emphasized in send button, message box
881781e finally sorted out onResume Intent vs onNewIntent based on the
SingleTask mode of NewChatActivity there are various ways that
b1b6074 fixes lockscreen layout to match portrait fixes NPE for bug
#2077 #2075 and #2067
b7d3ea2 memory: monkeyrunner tests
6ae79e5 memory: prevent leak in contact list fragment
3767438 memory: fi x leaks in ChatView
d3e6081 work around classloader issue
f17ec4c fix fragment leak on activity icing
29fc197 cursor leak in avatar retrieval when no avatar
788594f remove obsolete group chat code
0744636 clean up cursor handling in ChatView
1fc7e19 Remove unused class
d0eb347 updating version
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)
Comment: Using GnuPG with Thunderbird -


ChatSecure for Android v12 alpha 1

Added by n8fr8 over 4 years ago

The app formerly known as Gibberbot...

- first alpha of our v12 release effort

- now uses SQLCipher for all account and message data storage, with
?CacheWord? password control for secure in memory passwords

  • warning this will erase your existing accounts, messages, etc, so
    be ready for that! next alpha will have import of existing accounts
    into encrypted format **

- OTR key sync (from pidgin, adium, jitsi to Gibberbot using
OtrFileConverter tool)

- improved performance and battery life (less network usage)

- Trust-on-first-use SSL cert verification (MemTrustManager) and
initial Moxie LibPinning support for known services

- some updated user interface fun

Download is here (we are testing this new crash/update service)

Project Tracker is here:

V11 is Beta!

Added by n8fr8 almost 5 years ago

Happy to announce we now are at Gibberbot v11 (0.0.11) beta 3 release.


This beta has been pushed to Google Play and should show there shortly.

We will also update our F-droid repo shortly.

If you want to view/comment on resolved/closed tickets from the v11 effort, you can find them here:

What's in this version:
- now supports direct access to existing Google Accounts registered on device (no separate login/password entry)
- preference to stop autostart on boot
- no more crazy flashing screens (yay!)
- hardened network stack using GP's OnionKit library and MemorizingTrustManager (for manual SSL verification)
- faster, smarter, slimmer, sleeker
... and custom app wallpaper backgrounds!

v11 alpha 3 for testing

Added by n8fr8 almost 5 years ago

  • Big update is support for Google Account OAuth2 aka "you don't have to type in a password anymore". It also means accounts setup with two-factor auth do not require a special app password, either, so easy setup/connect process.
  • Also supports OnionKit now, for checking if Orbot is installed and running

You can review the major merge that was just done here:


apk shorturl:
apk qrcode:

v11 alpha 2 for testing

Added by n8fr8 about 5 years ago

A number of major updates including:

  • fixes for various OTR session management issues
  • integrated google account / oauth2 support (no need to entry passwords for on device google accounts)
  • option to not start on boot globally


qrcode for scanning:

APK sig:

v11 begins... alpha 1 release for early testing

Added by n8fr8 about 5 years ago

APK now available for testing

Gibberbot-0.0.11-alpha-1.apk 01/03/2013 12:45 pm 3.48 MB 0 103016845acf9c320704037d05b3930d

Gibberbot-0.0.11-alpha-1.apk.asc 01/03/2013 12:45 pm 836 Bytes 0 304e957d276d106ea65c9adfc1b5f75b

You can view all open, resolved and closed issues here:

v10 RC1 release available (2 comments)

Added by n8fr8 over 5 years ago

Our v10 "June Jaunts" release is finally done... obviously it is much later than June, but we've had a lot going on.

Still this is a seriously amazing update:

For a complete list of the issues that are resolved (and soon closed out):

(see RC2 link in comments below)

Work on v9 "April Showers" has begun!

Added by n8fr8 over 5 years ago

You can find the integration branch here:

Feature goals include:

  • support for multiple simultaneously logged in accounts
  • support for auto-login on boot / first network connect
  • trust on first contact SSL certificate review
  • improved chat UI and OTR key verification UI

Possible will include:

  • XMPP serverless mode

Anything else?


Also available in: Atom