March 26th IRC Scrum log

@_hc  pd0x: n8fr8 ready when you are
pd0x _hc n8fr8: here as well
@n8fr8 okey doke
@_hc anyone want to start? or shall we do jitsi?
pd0x I can start
pd0x I mentioned the app audit ticket is coming along. I have it almost all pieced together in fdroid client to be an activity that can be offered after a repo sync or on demand * n8fr8 puts up a sign saying "the bazaar scrum is happening now. learn more here:"
pd0x I have it working for signature & hash right now. Not doing version code comparisons or looking at hashes of resources inside the APK (dex, resources, strings, AM)
@_hc :)
pd0x I'm doing some heavy work in the CursorAdpater that I need to move out to something cleaner/off the UI thread
pd0x on the observatory side I have the start of an API for doing REST and getting back JSON
pd0x which should let me hook into the observatory history for apks on the audit screen
pd0x I've been thinking more about the META-INF/ settings file stuff. I think it would be reasonably easy to have Kerplapp insert a properties file into the META-INF dir of a copy of the FDroid APK it makes to boostrap clients
pd0x then we can write a patch for FDroid that on app init looks for that file in its own APK
pd0x _hc: do you know much about the FDroid preferences as it exists now?
@_hc enough
@_hc as in Settings?
pd0x I don't think it's worth going through the trouble of deleting the inserted settings file since we know it won't fix the FDroid hash
@_hc its pretty plain Android settings
pd0x the Kerplapp repo can tell the to-be-bootstrapped client what the hash should be (with the settings bundle inserted) anyway
pd0x _hc: since the repo details are in the DB that'll require some thinking...
pd0x We could put a file with repo details & have the patch load those details & do the corresponding DB inserts through the add repo mechanism I guess
@n8fr8 right
@_hc yeah, just thru the add repo mechanism
@_hc send an Intent to the right Activitiy
@n8fr8 i wonder how the default repos asre stored in the code tho
@n8fr8 could we make this meta-inf behavior the default behavior
@_hc they are hard coded
@n8fr8 META-INF/repo.props
@_hc I think its good to leave the default repos hard-coded, less room for mistakes and exploits
pd0x Yeah
@_hc do you think that can hook the androidobs network stuff into the Downloader infrastructure in FDroid? Then we'll have a single place to implement Tor, etc
@_hc its still in the works
pd0x _hc: I don't think so. I think the requirements are too different
pd0x well, maybe not.
pd0x I think it could work actually
@_hc you need more than "GET http://ome.rul/?query=foo
pd0x I'm not POSTing anything
pd0x It should be fine if the Downloader can give me the response body from the GET's
@_hc ok
@_hc its a moving target currently, but I'll keep that in mind
pd0x that's where I am :-)
@_hc so that's all work in your fdroid fork/
@_hc ?
pd0x yes. I haven't pushed to gitorious, I have a rebase pending
@_hc ok
pd0x the observatory stuff is in a github repo I need to flip public
@_hc excellent :)
@_hc so I've been working on the HSM stuff, I can go into more detail if anyone has questions, but not much else to report, besides that I nuked my OpenPGP card in the process :-D
@_hc at least, they are cheap, and I have others
@_hc the yubikey-neo-piv and cryptostick are both looking promising as more "all in one" HSMs
@_hc but I haven't dived in very deeply into them
@n8fr8 yr going to blog about this? or just wiki it?
@_hc both
@_hc there is already stuff in the wiki
@_hc my goal is to ultimately come up with the one HOWTO to rule them all
@_hc but since its vastly more horrible landscape than I thought, that'll be a longer term goal
@n8fr8 gr8. ew can make it the standard for all infosec/humanrights app releasese
@_hc so I'm going to keep wikiing and blog on particular card setups * n8fr8 is typing one handed with a baby in the other
@_hc I think we can also make it something for high risk people using gpg, ssh, etc.
pd0x _hc: which card were you able to get playing nicely with jarsigner?
@_hc Aventra MyEID
pd0x did you end up having to use a GPG->PKCS11 bridge?
@_hc no, its not a OpenPGP card at all
pd0x _hc: is that one a typical smartcard form factor, need a reader?
pd0x Ahhh. It's just PKCS11?
@_hc PKCS15!
pd0x I don't even know what that one is haha.
@_hc and opensc provides PKCS#11 from that card, and many others
pd0x Hate these obtuse standards names
@_hc oh, its soooo horrid
@_hc PKCS15 is the file format on the card
@_hc 11 is the way to talk to cards
pd0x ok
@_hc opensc is basically a giant translation layer
@_hc so you can talk to lots of cards via PKCS#11
pd0x Interesting
@n8fr8 so i was thinking about chatsecure sharing and was wondering if we could simplify things for now
pd0x Do you use a USB reader with the Aventra MyEID?
@n8fr8 and just use the kerlpapp UI for supporting single app sharing
@n8fr8 or something less than full repo sync
@_hc ha, if only if were that simple. there are many smart card readers, and they require varioius drivers, and they are not all compatible with all cards
@_hc so you need to have a matched pair of smartcard and reader
@_hc yubikey and cryptostick are both in one package
pd0x n8fr8: _hc and carrie and I talked about that a bit. I definitely want to see single app sharing supported easily but there's a tradeoff in not getting all the repo data (for the audit usecase)
@_hc and updates
@_hc full repo sharing means automatic updates
pd0x _hc: yeah, that's why I asked. Which reader did you get to play nicely with both jarsigner and the Aventra card?
pd0x _hc: good point, also updates.
@_hc ACS ACR38T, which requires a driver specific to it
@_hc the good ones are the ones supported by libciid without extra drivers
pd0x is the driver an os specific blob>?
@n8fr8 yeah... but i think the user story is at leadt "hey let me send this app to you" via otrdata
@_hc this is a good overview resource
@n8fr8 but somehow doing that in a non horrible way
pd0x _hc: thanks
@_hc the driver seems to be free software, its in Debian/Ubuntu
@_hc n8fr8: "let me send this app to you" can also be achieved by swapping repo data
@_hc and it gets those extra benefits
@n8fr8 ok.
@_hc we just need to make it clear to the user that their repo is shared upon every user interaction
@_hc we were thinking that the repo sharing always happens, but it should be possible to manually send an APK that is not in your repo
@_hc pd0x: match your recollection?
@n8fr8 i can add "share app" in chatsecure pretty easily
@n8fr8 w/o any bazaar stuff
@n8fr8 i suupose
@_hc true
@_hc we want to do it in a generic way in FDroid tho
@n8fr8 but i will think more again about the otrdata/hhtp proxy
@_hc so it works over bluetooth, local wifi, etc.
@n8fr8 otrdata/http
@_hc adding "share app" to chatsecure seems like an easy place to start to test the idea
pd0x maybe there's a way we can do a repo add/update & then launch directly into the details screen for a specific app listed in the repo metadata?
pd0x I'm not sure how at this point
@n8fr8 yeah, lets not confuse things
@n8fr8 i can explore the simple use case direclty
@_hc it would be easy to add, if its not already possible
pd0x but if it was already on the app detail screen with a big 'intsall' button that might be the same net effect
pd0x as sending an apk outside of the repo data
@n8fr8 okay so my other question is, is the priority to merge kerplapp into fdroid, or should we focus on a separate release to get something out sooner?
pd0x I think the separate app makes the whole thing confusing to talk about
@n8fr8 pdox: there is an easy "share to chatsecure" option where you can select a contact etc, via our intent API
@_hc let me look at the merge process
@_hc then make that call
@n8fr8 ok
@_hc it might not be that much work
pd0x n8fr8: cool
@_hc otherwise, we can release what we have now
@_hc it worked pretty well at the UX sprint
@_hc if you know how to do it ;)
pd0x Yeah. Could probably get better at communicating the two app process if we went that way
pd0x start using more of the terms we came up with Carrie (swap,etc)
pd0x less 'repo' & 'metadata'
@n8fr8 "start swappin'"
@n8fr8 how about "Swap Meet"!
@n8fr8 (is that an american thing?)
@n8fr8 Start Swappin'!
pd0x I get the reference but Canada is USA-lite...
pd0x Might be overly north american
@n8fr8 last thing: i think the META-INF/myrepos.prop can be used for static repos as well
@n8fr8 like i mentinoed in our other scrum
pd0x Agreed.
@_hc sure
@n8fr8 so i would like to have a HTML landing page in our gp fdroid repo that promotes an fdroid download with our repos in it etc
pd0x you could make a project specific fdroid by writing a .prop file and running 'zip -u META-INF/branding.prop FDroid.apk'
@n8fr8 i think that is better than forking fdroid to rebrand it
@_hc I think when bootstrapping, the META-INFO prop file shoudl include all static repos as well, but just not enable them by defalt
@_hc or maybe enable them by default
@n8fr8 right, that is what i was thinking before _hc
@_hc so its like "let me give you my fdroid setup"
pd0x all static repos from the senders fdroid?
@_hc yeah
pd0x hmm yeah.
@n8fr8 yes viral sharing of lots of repos is good
@n8fr8 over sharing always!
pd0x Sharing the fingerprint is good too. Removes a TOFU decision
@_hc hmm, I had one up here but it seems to ahve disappeared
@n8fr8 but we do want our repo (or the shares) list of apps to be shown first, and not the full list of say fdroid repos
pd0x yeah. That'll bump into the FDroid client work that needs to be done for repo priority/filtering
@_hc newly added repos have precedence over older ons
@_hc ones
@n8fr8 ok
pd0x yeah. Priority for app duplicates
pd0x but the main screen would show apps from all active repos merged
@n8fr8 yeah but we just just want to see the apps we are telling you to install
@_hc that could be set in the META-INF/prop: which category to show by default
pd0x yeah. That's the ideal case I think. I sent you my FDroid, it has a META-INF prop bundle for my Kerplapp repo, and it opens to display just those apps
pd0x _hc: good idea
@n8fr8 ok
@n8fr8 coo... yeah ultimately the goal is to ahve a single URL (and perhaps a mirror on Amazon S3) that we can say is our bootstrap URL for our stuff
@n8fr8 and then all the other benefits of fdroid come along with it
@n8fr8 nifty
@_hc does anyone have an S3 account? I could push our repo to it. I'm supposed to be adding that feature to the fdroid tools, based on the psyphon script
@n8fr8 i have one that i am using for our stuff
@n8fr8 i can provide keys when you need them
pd0x That's neat. It sounds like a META-INF bootstrap would be useful for a lot of things
@n8fr8 etc is up there
pd0x synergy
@_hc n8fr8: cam you gpgemail it to me?
@n8fr8 and then can be our bootstrap page
@n8fr8 (you have to specify index.html)
@n8fr8 btw, the Psiphon3 guys also have a nice landing page for Iranians using their network (a few million of them)
@n8fr8 and we can get our bootstrap page/fdroid download there likely
@_hc ah, here, I have a scetch page up:
@n8fr8 some other people have similar things already, so this one click bootstrap flavor of fdroid is useful
@n8fr8 great
@_hc I'll add a qrcode too
@_hc just because ;)
@n8fr8 yeah and link to get fdroid
@n8fr8 this would be neat too for the librarybox "app box" work
@n8fr8 since it can serve a static fdroid.apk tied to its http://librarybox.lan/content/fdroid/repo url
pd0x I'll add a ticket to the tracker for the META-INF bootstrap
pd0x and I can put the IRC log on the wiki if we're more or less wrapped up?
@_hc yes please :)
pd0x n8fr8: yeah. I really like the idea of having a preconfigured FDroid APK & a URL with the fdroidrepo(s):// url
@_hc I'm adding a ticket about the repo setup (s3, index page, etc)
pd0x If you have FDroid it's a one click add. If you don't it's a one click download