From 04/07/2014 to 05/06/2014


11:51 pm Revision a9c88bb5 (fdroidclient): build a local repo from a list of installed APKs
Wire up the "Setup Repo" button on the Local Repo view to generate an
FDroid repo on the device that is hosted with t...
Hans-Christoph Steiner
11:51 pm Revision c1a6f545 (fdroidclient): move getMinSdkVersion() from LocalRepoManager to Utils
This will probably be useful elsewhere. Hans-Christoph Steiner
11:51 pm Revision d24f9447 (fdroidclient): split out static copy/symlink methods from LocalRepoManager to ...
They are static utility methods, so put them where they belong! Hans-Christoph Steiner
11:51 pm Revision 5d995aa8 (fdroidclient): move LocalRepoService's Handler to a static subclass
This fixes this lint error:
"This Handler class should be static or leaks might occur"
Hans-Christoph Steiner
11:51 pm Revision 17c42e4b (fdroidclient): use class Context directly rather than storing it
Use the WifiStateChangeService.this syntax in order to eliminate
an instance variable.
Hans-Christoph Steiner
11:51 pm Revision 882e0100 (fdroidclient): create initial repo with only FDroid in it
This automatically creates a repo with only FDroid in it the first time the
user goes to the Local Repo view. Having...
Hans-Christoph Steiner
11:51 pm Revision 94dc2d01 (fdroidclient): add wizard for sending FDroid to another device via WiFi/QR
This is a little helper to direct people to get a new device to download
FDroid from another device that already has ...
Hans-Christoph Steiner
11:51 pm Revision 678e2b09 (fdroidclient): InstalledAppProvider needs _ID row so it can be used in CursorL...
In order to use the data from InstalledAppProvider in a lot of the high
level classes provided by Android, like Curso...
Hans-Christoph Steiner
11:51 pm Revision 08346b9b (fdroidclient): add Activity to choose which installed apps are in the local repo
This gets the data about which apps are installed from the ContentProvider
that pserwylo recently added for data abou...
Hans-Christoph Steiner
11:51 pm Revision 5f317033 (fdroidclient): init SelectLocalApps list from the apks in the local repo
When FDroid has been started, this checks the symlinked APKs in the local
repo and uses those package names to build ...
Hans-Christoph Steiner
11:28 pm Revision 5050605f (fdroidclient): Activity/Service for running a local repo via http://
This is a skeleton for the upcoming local repo (aka swap aka Kerplapp).
Right now, it just provides an Activity for c...
Hans-Christoph Steiner
03:55 pm Revision 2c2d8c86 (fdroidclient): monitor Wifi changes with BroadcastReceiver/Service
The local repo will need to both have current wifi settings in order to
send the correct IP address, SSID, etc. Also...
Hans-Christoph Steiner
03:55 pm Revision db0b1066 (fdroidclient): nanohttpd submodule for supporting local HTTP repos
This webserver is the core of the kerplapp swap local repo when used over
IP connections (WiFi). It is the smallest ...
Hans-Christoph Steiner
12:24 am Bug #2901: represent bad states of signing key in ManageRepo view
"unverified" fingerprint status added in this commit:


11:38 pm Revision a89e4143 (fdroidclient): QR Code image generation into AsyncTask to keep things snappy
Generating the QR Code image can take some time, so do it in an AsyncTask
which then updates the ImageView once the Q...
Hans-Christoph Steiner
11:37 pm Revision 3caec653 (fdroidclient): generate QR Codes internally based on ZXing's core.jar
This app needs to be able to generate QR Codes regardless of what other
app might be installed, so zxing's core.jar n...
Hans-Christoph Steiner
11:37 pm Revision 049cd562 (fdroidclient): if it is not possible to make the sharing Uri, return a placeho...
The receiver of this can at least make some sense of it, versus null or a
blank string. This prevents crashes where ...
Hans-Christoph Steiner
11:31 pm Revision 1d1c682c (fdroidclient): fix crash when adding a repo without a fingerprint via URL/QR Code
Hans-Christoph Steiner
08:35 pm Revision 875768b8 (kerplapp): remove debug code to keep in sync
08:35 pm Revision 580cfd25 (kerplapp): code formattting
08:35 pm Revision 3c111306 (kerplapp): move Comparator to a private class, its only used in AppListLoader
08:35 pm Revision f51c1fe3 (kerplapp): purge unused code from AppListLoader
08:35 pm Revision 98c47819 (kerplapp): move getDefaultRepoName() to org.fdroid.fdroid.Utils
org.fdroid.fdroid.Utils is the current FDroid location for static utility
refs #3204 https://dev.guardianpr...
08:35 pm Revision 509dc4ab (kerplapp): rename resources to ease syncing
08:35 pm Revision 067b475c (kerplapp): when changing "Use HTTPS", use AsyncTask to keep things responsive
The process of configuring and kicking off the Service to handle the
changes needed can mean that the Settings Activi...
08:35 pm Revision b2c6ad6c (kerplapp): refactor webserver class into much simplified NanoHTTPD subclass
The example had a lot more stuff than we needed in it,
plus it had some code that was only suppo...
08:35 pm Revision ae7c3ff7 (kerplapp): clean up for easier merging
08:35 pm Revision df17a139 (kerplapp): rename SettingsActivity to PreferencesActivity to sync with FDroid
08:35 pm Revision f3687fd0 (kerplapp): sync up Utils.getSharingUri() implementations
08:35 pm Revision f358d5bf (kerplapp): rename kerplapp_activity.xml to local_repo_activity.xml
Matches the Java class name. hans
03:22 am Task #3204: merge kerplapp into fdroid hans


06:02 pm Bug #3201: kerplapp should regenerate QR/buttonname on wifi change
Applied in changeset kerplapp|commit:014af66fbe5fe4391eecfb6c68e8af9423795b98. hans
06:02 pm Bug #2908: move webserver to its own Service
Applied in changeset kerplapp|commit:6b9b5ce2a356035c7341fd83fc76ac7f34ae68dd. hans
06:02 pm Bug #2908: move webserver to its own Service
Applied in changeset kerplapp|commit:aa3daf2703b2991cb84f668bf10eee11a9ad6aa6. hans
06:02 pm Bug #3200: kerplapp back button on "setup repo" breaks everything
Applied in changeset kerplapp|commit:764dffea4f2667bf6a91b86dd1131b2da0328faa. hans
05:02 pm Revision a6bc86e9 (kerplapp): rename to
refs #3204 hans
05:02 pm Revision fad0f182 (kerplapp): rename net.binaryparadox.kerplapp.repo to org.fdroid.fdroid.localrepo
refs #3204 hans
05:02 pm Revision f1f5a3bd (kerplapp): rename KerplappActivity to LocalRepoActivity
refs #3204 hans
05:02 pm Revision 760a9332 (kerplapp): rename AppSelectActivity to SelectLocalAppsActivity
refs #3204 hans
05:02 pm Revision 28c95e3f (kerplapp): rename KerplappApplication to FDroidApp
refs #3204 hans
05:02 pm Revision 1f78eac0 (kerplapp): rename LocalRepo to LocalRepoManager
refs #3204 hans
05:02 pm Revision 42285e38 (kerplapp): move LocalRepoKeyStore to .repo subpackage
05:02 pm Revision beaca664 (kerplapp): order repo metadata in header the same as fdroidserver makes
Just in case... hans
05:02 pm Revision 8936ac04 (kerplapp): run LocalRepoService as a unkillable foreground Service
This also provides a unkillable notification. Since the local repo is only
supposed to be running while users are ac...
05:02 pm Revision 0073b3e0 (kerplapp): fix my idiotic fingerprint generation bug
same fix as:
05:02 pm Revision a9d621eb (kerplapp): only trigger WifiStateChangeService when wifi is enabling or enabled
WifiStateChangeService waits for WiFi to be enabled and set up with an IP
address before it will continue. Therefore...
05:02 pm Revision 3632e148 (kerplapp): move all QR Code image generation into AsyncTask to keep things snappy
Generating the QR Code image can take some time, so do it in an AsyncTask
which then updates the ImageView once the Q...
05:02 pm Revision 12fb8491 (kerplapp): QrWizardWifiNetworkActivity enables wifi and starts the webserver
This makes it less button clicks and things to remember when going through
this process.
05:02 pm Revision 5bfa8389 (kerplapp): split out getCertificate() method in LocalRepoKeyStore
This makes it possible to store the certificate in the index XML like the
fdroidserver tools do. It might be useful ...
05:02 pm Revision e10d857e (kerplapp): include 'pubkey' metadata in index.xml like fdroidserver tools
It turns out that the index.jar verification process compares the 'pubkey'
data to the certificate stored in the jar ...
05:02 pm Revision cff26924 (kerplapp): upgrade zxing library to v3.0.1
05:02 pm Revision 9fdfc802 (kerplapp): make sure button light is off when showing "Enable Wifi"
05:02 pm Revision 014af66f (kerplapp): WifiStateChangeService/Receiver for broadcasting network update tri...
Get the WiFi state changes from the system, if that results in a new
connection, then send a local broadcast to tell ...
03:36 pm Revision 3701d786 (fdroidclient): remove old https:// certificate pin for
This secret key is no longer valid since the server was vulnerable to
Heartbleed. Also fixed the formatting to be st...
Hans-Christoph Steiner
03:33 pm Bug #3336 (Closed): changing pin fingerprint in fdroid does not trigger any error, warning
If I change the fingerprint of the SPKI in ``, then run the update, this does not cause any error ... hans
03:22 pm Task #3018 (Closed): check out
We looked into, it is a full featured Android app store. It has lax security as compared to Google Pla... hans
01:44 am Revision f483630e (fdroidclient): store files for tests in the fdroid cache
For some reason, on some emulators, it is failing to find a place to write
the test index files. But on most setups,...
Hans-Christoph Steiner


05:32 pm Revision b8cffa67 (fdroidclient): add extra checks when running Utils.calcFingerprint()
These provide a sanity check when calculating a fingerprint from a X.509
certificate stored as `repo.pubkey`.
Hans-Christoph Steiner
05:25 pm Revision c288fd55 (fdroidclient): Prepare for 0.66 release
05:23 pm Revision c32fb3a6 (fdroidclient): Add gravities beside textAlignment to fix issues in <4.2
textAlignment works well for 4.2 and later, but it is ignored in 4.1 and
earlier. Seting gravity to its textAlignment...
04:46 pm Revision a9495cd9 (fdroidclient): Merge branch 'master' of
04:45 pm Revision 253c8805 (fdroidclient): Hard-code number of UIL threads to 4
Making them dependant on the number of processors doesn't make much sense... mvdan
04:44 pm Revision 8395472f (fdroidclient): test index.jar signature checking
I got scared by seeing the Android docs' version of JarFile.getInputStream,
which didn't mention SecurityException or...
Hans-Christoph Steiner
04:44 pm Revision 615bcfb6 (fdroidclient): try to find ManageRepo's Fragment before recreating it
This helps with dealing with listFragment being null after a rotation. That
was happening when an Intent was coming i...
Hans-Christoph Steiner
04:44 pm Revision 57435aa6 (fdroidclient): catch IllegalArgumentException when dialog disappears before di...
It seems that sometimes checking dialog.isShowing() is not enough. I got a
crash on dialog.dismiss(). But since the ...
Hans-Christoph Steiner
04:44 pm Revision c0166a26 (fdroidclient): include Apache Commons IO in test project for easy file operations
Hans-Christoph Steiner
02:03 pm Revision d80eec03 (fdroidclient): Re-enable loading of icons with fling
Reduce their thread priority to try to avoid it from lagging the scrolling mvdan
08:55 am Revision 097be439 (fdroidclient): Translation updates
F-Droid Translatebot
08:46 am Revision 6ba99eef (fdroidclient): Translation updates
F-Droid Translatebot


11:10 pm Revision fbf9d4b4 (fdroidclient): Merge branch 'fix/update-notification' into 'master'
Fix/update notification
In addition to making update notifications work again (fixing issue #20) I also removed an u...
09:35 pm Revision 82685459 (fdroidclient): Made app update notifications work again.
The update service now queries the app provider for installed
apps which can and want to be updated.
Peter Serwylo
08:05 pm Revision 3bca6d3f (fdroidclient): Merge branch 'package-broadcasts' into 'master'
Package broadcasts (fixes #19) pserwylo


10:33 pm Revision a0b39cd1 (fdroidclient): PREF_UPD_NOTIFY default is true, not false
09:56 pm Revision 663a95c7 (fdroidclient): Don't crash if a repo has zero apps/apks
Also, a couple of typo fixes mvdan
06:09 pm Revision f4539b38 (fdroidclient): Add icons item to changelog
06:06 pm Revision 88285b0a (fdroidclient): Fix: Don't always use /icons/ due to wrong SQL param order
04:18 pm Revision 7a16bf4c (fdroidclient): Fix broadcast receiving of package updates
09:55 am Revision 55acd955 (fdroidclient): Prepare for 0.65 release
09:31 am Revision af2515bb (fdroidclient): Run tools/
09:30 am Revision f374fbbe (fdroidclient): Re-run translate fixes
12:26 am Revision 0e64736d (fdroidclient): Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
security updates for added repos
These commits fix a couple of security issues with adding repos, they should be inc...
12:12 am Task #2613: include fingerprint for signing key in repo URL
The new format for including the fingerprint in the FDroid repo URL is to put it into the query string like this:


04:46 pm Revision fb1e19e5 (fdroidclient): Merge branch 'super-fdroid' of i...
Dominik Schürmann
04:45 pm Revision 033db01b (fdroidclient): Information about system permissions
Dominik Schürmann
03:59 pm Revision aa1b9e66 (fdroidclient): allow incoming repos via Intent when on ManageRepo view
Since before, incoming repo Intents where handled in the Fragment's
onCreate(), an Intent that was received while the...
Hans-Christoph Steiner
03:59 pm Revision cce393de (fdroidclient): "unverified" repo state for repos w/ fingerprints but not yet p...
If a repo was configured with a fingerprint, but it has not yet updated and
gotten the pubkey from the index.jar, the...
Hans-Christoph Steiner
03:59 pm Revision 649bfa10 (fdroidclient): fix silly bug in signing key fingerprint calculation for display
This was causing the first byte of the signature to be chopped off, so
therefore it would not validate since the fing...
Hans-Christoph Steiner
03:59 pm Revision 4dc2c608 (fdroidclient): add more checks on fingerprints fed to Utils.formatFingerprint()
This is the gateway to the user, so this should present trusted info! Hans-Christoph Steiner
03:59 pm Revision 1018cad3 (fdroidclient): Utils tests: formatFingerprint() and calcFingerprint(String)
Prevent another stupid bug like what is fixed by commit
refs #2959 https://...
Hans-Christoph Steiner
03:59 pm Revision a0970d07 (fdroidclient): when adding a repo with fingerprint, make sure to store the pubkey
The logic here is crufty, so I slapped a flag in there to make sure that
the pubkey gets stored when someone configur...
Hans-Christoph Steiner
03:59 pm Revision 527f649f (fdroidclient): move getSharingUri() to Utils for easier reuse
This method will also be used by the local repo for swapping. Hans-Christoph Steiner
03:43 pm Revision 7d3723fe (fdroidclient): Remove EXTRA_NOT_UNKNOWN_SOURCE from DefaultInstaller
Doesn't work because:
* In this installer, we are not a system app
* Our intent action is of type ACTION_VIEW, not AC...
06:56 am Revision 625bdceb (fdroidclient): Translation updates
F-Droid Translatebot


08:30 pm Revision 53d9a15d (fdroidclient): Fix comment in CanUpdateAppsFragment
Dominik Schürmann
08:22 pm Revision d7203535 (fdroidclient): Add update all button (no functionality yet)
Dominik Schürmann
07:40 pm Revision b3ca9154 (fdroidclient): RootInstaller: multiple apks
Dominik Schürmann
06:52 pm Revision 588e2246 (fdroidclient): Merge branch 'master' into super-fdroid
Dominik Schürmann
06:42 pm Revision 2399f954 (fdroidclient): Installer: Starting with better error handling, new callback de...
Dominik Schürmann
06:36 pm Revision e80b1e03 (fdroidclient): AP moved to gitlab + build.gradle typo fix
06:11 pm Revision fbc47c14 (fdroidclient): Show dialog if root access was denied
Dominik Schürmann
06:02 pm Revision 36b269cd (fdroidclient): Clarify comment in prefs
Dominik Schürmann
05:59 pm Revision c4e7e617 (fdroidclient): Add root access preference
Dominik Schürmann
04:56 pm Revision 7ed69c93 (fdroidclient): Installation/Delete with root shell, add preference for root ac...
Dominik Schürmann


07:24 pm Task #3309 (Closed): add relevant HTTPS cert pins to FDroidCertPins
FDroid includes HTTPS cert pinning, so we should include relevant certs that are not likely to change their private k... Anonymous
07:21 pm Task #3308 (Closed): update HTTPS cert pin for
post heartbleed, we need to change the private key :( Anonymous
11:43 am Revision 8f082898 (fdroidclient): AndroidManifest: Add superuser permission, cleanup
Dominik Schürmann
12:40 am Revision 732fb879 (fdroidclient): Add libsuperuser as external git submodule and project dependency
Dominik Schürmann
12:01 am Revision 7451f005 (fdroidclient): Refactoring old code using an abstract class
Dominik Schürmann


11:08 pm Revision 07b79c1e (fdroidclient): Slightly better wording in the README. ant-prepare success prints.
10:27 pm Revision cfcdfebe (fdroidclient): Fixed typo in README troubleshooting.
Peter Serwylo
10:22 pm Revision 4d1def46 (fdroidclient): Added build troubleshooting to README (Issue #17)
Peter Serwylo
09:07 pm Bug #3201 (Resolved): kerplapp should regenerate QR/buttonname on wifi change
09:07 pm Bug #3200 (Resolved): kerplapp back button on "setup repo" breaks everything
09:07 pm Bug #2908 (Resolved): move webserver to its own Service
08:48 pm Revision 20d01198 (kerplapp): move repo, ssid, and bssid to static vars in FDroidApp
Since there is only one local, device repo for swapping, it makes sense to
represent it using static variables in the...
08:48 pm Revision 95520608 (kerplapp): move LocalRepoService handling to FDroidApp
This provides very easy to use way to start, stop, and restart the local
repo from anywhere in the app, without needi...
06:50 pm Revision aa3daf27 (kerplapp): move webserver to a service for hosting all swapping stuff
The webserver thread is now in a separate Service that is meant to host all
the stuff related to swapping repos and a...
06:50 pm Revision 8d8bc909 (kerplapp): use global, static properies in Application for local repo state
The Application class is meant to provide a place to store global state of
the app, so let's use it! FDroid uses it ...
06:50 pm Revision 064294a2 (kerplapp): move getSharingUri() to Utils for easier reuse
06:50 pm Revision 6b9b5ce2 (kerplapp): create RESTART msg and wire it up to LocalRepoService
This is needed to restart the webserver when the wifi or IP address changes
so that it can bind to the new address. ...
06:50 pm Revision f2b2dda3 (kerplapp): purge "Send to Local FDroid" test menu item, its unneeded now
06:50 pm Revision 764dffea (kerplapp): ActionMode for local repo config
Now the local repo config feels a lot more Android-ish, with the ActionMode
being triggering when the user makes a ch...
06:20 pm Revision 1f154adf (fdroidclient): Merge branch 'master' into super-fdroid
08:51 am Revision d287dca8 (fdroidclient): Refactored SearchView into Activity + ListFragment (Fixes #11)
This allowed for the use of LoaderCallbacks which seem like a better
way at managing the lifecycle of the cursors whi...
Peter Serwylo
08:23 am Revision 3345a810 (fdroidclient): Re-run fix-ellipsis
08:22 am Revision 9bd33003 (fdroidclient): Add a script to fix format problems automatically


10:04 pm Revision fb980ece (kerplapp): purge NSD support, later add mDNS support to FDroid using jmdns
Android's NSD is a nice API, but it turns out its flaky and only supported
on very recent Android versions. So we'll...
10:04 pm Revision 57744357 (kerplapp): set minSdkVersion to android-7 aka 2.0
This is what FDroid will be moving to in order to support appcompat-v7
refs #3204
10:04 pm Revision 3ea0164a (kerplapp): a quick cosmetic sync to FDroid's
refs #3204 hans
10:04 pm Revision ad6377b9 (kerplapp): port to FDroid's current App class
No real changes needed, just removed the unneeded init stuff in App() and
included some code from FDroid's t...
10:04 pm Revision f5208e2a (kerplapp): rename Apk.file to Apk.installedFile for clarity
This File is referring to the installed .apk file on the device's local
filesystem, i.e. in /data/app
refs #3204 htt...
10:04 pm Revision 0a6bb2d1 (kerplapp): purge apkSourcePath and apkSourceName from Kerplapp's
These were not needed at all, so we should not introduce them.
refs #3204
10:04 pm Revision 6919b67a (kerplapp): port to FDroid's current Apk class
* changes in Kerplapp's Apk class need to be folded into FDroid's
* FDroid's ValueObject is included only to support ...
10:04 pm Revision 21314ede (kerplapp): use e.printStackTrace() thruout to log Exceptions for clearer messages
Exception.getMessage() does not give much information, so replace with
10:04 pm Revision f6036c7f (kerplapp): add some buffering to speed up the hashing when making a repo
Reading from disk is usually best in 8k blocks, running the hash wants much
bigger chunks at a time:
10:04 pm Revision 86c8729d (kerplapp): purge some dead code: Utils.getBinaryHash(File apk)
Only Utils.getBinaryHash(File apk, String algo) is used.
refs #3204
10:03 pm Revision e1832f0b (kerplapp): AppEntry.loadLabel() mirrors PackageItemInfo.loadLabel()
make AppEntry.loadLabel() take a PackageManager as the argument, and clean
up the code surrounding it a bit.
refs #3...
10:03 pm Revision 76c0c13f (kerplapp): move Apk and App classes to FDroid packages
These will then have to be normalized to FDroid's version.
refs #3204
10:03 pm Revision 1727b336 (kerplapp): move Utils to match FDroid
refs #3204 hans
10:02 pm Bug #3201: kerplapp should regenerate QR/buttonname on wifi change
It should also send @RESTART@ to @LocalRepoService@ to make the webserver get the new IP address. hans
08:26 pm Revision 82b188a2 (fdroidclient): Translation updates
F-Droid Translatebot
03:37 am Revision 71db322b (fdroidclient): Don't implement 'update' for installed apps, use replace (Fixes...
There were some weird edge cases that couldn't quite be pinned down,
whereby installing an app would result in a uniq...
Peter Serwylo
12:31 am Bug #3025 (Closed): Kerplapp main screen blocks
we'll just blame this on NSD, which we have purged from Kerplapp to be replaced with jmdns. hans
12:24 am Bug #3203: many users downloading crashes kerplapp
Hopefully rebasing the HTTPS patches on top of more recent nanohttpd will help or fix this issue:
12:22 am Feature #3137 (Closed): fdroidserver to handle publishing to Amazon S3 and other similar services


10:27 pm Task #2924 (Rejected): if URL includes fingerprint, first download should be index.jar, not index...
10:26 pm Task #2924: if URL includes fingerprint, first download should be index.jar, not index.xml (signe...
I think we should instead implement #2960 and not do any detailed trickery like this, to keep things simple. hans
10:25 pm Feature #2960: preference to enable/disable https and unsigned indexes in repos
also here:
04:05 pm Revision d573bac5 (fdroidclient): Add the sharing feature by Hans to the changelog
03:20 am Feature #3137 (In Progress): fdroidserver to handle publishing to Amazon S3 and other similar ser... hans
02:52 am Task #2763 (In Progress): update to latest nanohttpd release
Here is a pull request with our commits rebased on top of upstream/master, which should be v2.0.6:


06:02 pm Bug #3016 (Resolved): parse minSdkVersion from APK to set <sdkver>
Applied in changeset kerplapp|commit:a9db3d34e561b1d09f52ca6d4222fcc49216a97c. hans
03:28 pm Revision e3e726e5 (fdroidclient): Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
send any installed app via NFC/Beam or Bluetooth
Building upon the NFC+Bluetooth sending of the FDroid.apk, these tw...
03:09 pm Revision 4a55cdf9 (fdroidclient): option to send via bluetooth any installed app on the AppDetail...
This takes the code used for sending the FDroid.apk and applies it to any
installed app. So the user can go to the A...
Hans-Christoph Steiner
03:09 pm Revision 0db711c0 (fdroidclient): enable sending installed APKs via NFC/Android Beam on AppDetails
If you are viewing the AppDetails screen for an installed app, this code
configures Android Beam to send the APK for ...
Hans-Christoph Steiner
02:29 pm Revision 52e0f373 (fdroidclient): stay in FDroid after adding a new repo via Intent
If a new repo comes in via Intent, like from clicking a link, scanning a QR
Code, etc., then stay in FDroid once the ...
Hans-Christoph Steiner


09:20 am Revision fe41133d (fdroidclient): Modified changelog details for 'installed app cache'
Made the description a little more appropriate for lay people, rather than
Peter Serwylo
01:34 am Feature #2593: UI to communicate when two APKs that should be the same are not
I don't remember exactly what, but we were discussing something at the last scrum about wanting the info about the in... hans


12:32 pm Revision 4b3b392c (fdroidclient): Prepare for 0.64-test
12:24 pm Revision c5a1fd9b (fdroidclient): Some translation fixes
11:40 am Revision f93c8151 (fdroidclient): Translation updates
F-Droid Translatebot
10:51 am Revision 87775be7 (fdroidclient): Update UIL, adapt to the changes
07:20 am Revision 4e240507 (fdroidclient): Adding our own cache of currently installed apks in the database.
Previously the data was not stored anywhere, and each time we wanted
to know about all installed apps, we built a rid...
Peter Serwylo


11:20 pm Revision 655f2bf7 (fdroidclient): Update UIL
11:20 pm Revision 57eaad7c (fdroidclient): Remove RelativeLayout leftovers
09:35 pm Revision cae9fb00 (fdroid-repo-tools): verify the sig on every APK, and make sure every APK has a...
If an APK does not have a sig or the sig does not verify, then this script
will exit with an error.
Hans-Christoph Steiner


07:02 pm Revision de085f7e (fdroidclient): Added ApkProvider.get() to return a single apk.
This allows you to specify the Uri of a single apk, and
it will return it. Right now it is just used in a test, but
Peter Serwylo
09:25 am Revision 8c6ce671 (fdroidclient): Added test for "ApkProvider.delete(..., List<Apk>)"
This was explicitly not-allowed previously, and so there was a
test that ensured it threw an exception when attempted...
Peter Serwylo


09:56 pm Revision 60f2be67 (fdroidclient): Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
run JUnit tests
It turns out that Jenkins was running the JUnit tests all along, but it just never reported on them....
06:22 pm March Report
We started March out with a two day user experience sprint as a pre-event to RightsCon. We spent two days going thro... hans
06:10 pm Revision d813f1ec (fdroidclient): run JUnit tests using android-junit-report to get XML output
Jenkins needs some kind of report from the JUnit tests in order to tell
whether the tests succeeded or not. android-...
Hans-Christoph Steiner
06:10 pm Revision bc6f3d5c (fdroidclient): add `ant javadoc` to generate javadoc for FDroid sources
Hans-Christoph Steiner
05:24 pm Revision 4db53deb (fdroidclient): Forgot to set the icon sizes back to normal
They got added +8 since we added paddings directly to the icon layout. Since
those paddings got removed, this has to ...
01:22 am Feature #2598: downloader Service for F-Droid with support for multiple channel types
@pserwylo this sounds very useful. As far as making it like HTTP, why not use HTTP command? i.e. GET, PUSH, etc? Th... hans


02:33 pm Revision 8ed76f47 (fdroidclient): More improvements to the app list layout
* Don't use a RelativeLayout for the whole thing
* Use more external paddings, not per-element paddings
* Center ever...
01:56 pm Revision e7f76705 (fdroidclient): Move "receiver" and "address" into UpdateService.EXTRA_...
01:52 pm Revision f6707490 (fdroidclient): Move "from" into AppDetails.EXTRA_FROM
01:49 pm Revision 7fd3ea23 (fdroidclient): Move "appid" into AppDetails.EXTRA_APPID
01:23 pm Revision 2cdb6348 (fdroidclient): Fixes #6: Spaces before ellipsis in German are OK
01:11 pm Revision 40d87355 (fdroidclient): A bit of extra cursor safety, avoid the last missing .close()
01:08 pm Revision f04ac83e (fdroidclient): Fix build without java 1.7 compatibility
12:02 pm Feature #2598: downloader Service for F-Droid with support for multiple channel types
Now that the Downloader stuff is looking a little better now, I'm going to sink my teeth into a Bluetooth client/serv... pserwylo
03:51 am Revision fe1806b0 (fdroidclient): Merge branch 'misc_fixes' into 'master'
Localized category list pserwylo
03:46 am Revision 2a296c03 (fdroidclient): Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
Scroll to top on category change
Scroll to the top of the available app list when changing categories.
See: https://...
03:14 am Revision 09ccf3d4 (fdroidclient): Fix bug introduced in last commit
James Clark
02:45 am Revision 87638363 (fdroidclient): Set listview to top item after category refresh
James Clark


03:59 pm heise news reports on our work with FDroid
> Das F-...
03:00 am Revision a9db3d34 (kerplapp): parse minSdkVersion from AndroidManifest.xml
PackageManager doesn't give us minSdkVersion, so we have to parse it.
fixes #3016


06:45 pm Feature #3233 (Closed): limit repo server's abilty to track clients
* hans
06:40 pm Feature #3232 (Closed): kerplapp repos should always include FDroid
at the very least, a repo should include FDroid so people can get updates from each other with minimal effort. hans
09:02 am Bug #3222 (Resolved): crash in FDroid after Kerplapp -> Send to Local FDroid
Applied in changeset fdroidclient|commit:c1d0ec43c3e66a32cf71d95bcdfda79ee7ed585f. Anonymous
12:01 am Bug #3222: crash in FDroid after Kerplapp -> Send to Local FDroid
Looks like the same crash, clicked a @fdroidrepo://@ URI in Firefox, it showed FDroid, but the "Add repo" dialog neve... hans
06:51 am Revision d54dc0b7 (fdroidclient): Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
fix two bugs
First bug is with lots of QR Code readers, they don't respect custom URI schemes like `fdroidrepo://` a...
04:16 am Revision da329089 (fdroidclient): add custom ant rules for downloading JUnit results
Hans-Christoph Steiner
01:39 am Revision c1d0ec43 (fdroidclient): fix crasher when hopping around apps and adding repos
I triggered this a few times while trying various QR Code scanning apps
with FDroid.
fixes #3222 https://dev.guardia...
Hans-Christoph Steiner
01:07 am Revision 407e7662 (fdroidclient): support QR scanners that do not respect custom URI schemes
Some QR Code scanners don't respect custom schemes like fdroidrepo://, so
this is a workaround, since the local repo ...
Hans-Christoph Steiner
01:01 am Revision 4c761384 (kerplapp): improve QR scanning of repo URI across a range of QR apps
Lots of QR Code scanning apps are quite buggy or lame. They do not always
respect custom URI schemes like fdroidrepo...


09:02 pm Bug #3222 (Closed): crash in FDroid after Kerplapp -> Send to Local FDroid
... hans
07:59 pm Bug #3199 (Closed): Fdroidserver doesn't check for existing keys properly
Ciaran fixed it separately in commit e4ad1743999a876b56c679aff0f00da308630bb8:
05:35 pm Revision a477f421 (fdroidclient): Greatly improve app list layout
* Don't hard-code ellipsis in the code
* Separate the two rows into two linear layouts
* Don't abuse relative layouts...
01:46 pm Revision b731ab57 (fdroidclient): Release 0.63
01:21 pm Revision ad9218d1 (fdroidclient): Fix some string formats and an ellipsis
01:16 pm Revision c717d919 (fdroidclient): Translation updates
F-Droid Translatebot

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