V11 is Beta!

Added by n8fr8 almost 5 years ago

Happy to announce we now are at Gibberbot v11 (0.0.11) beta 3 release.

APK: https://guardianproject.info/releases/Gibberbot-0.0.11-beta-3.apk
APK SIG: https://guardianproject.info/releases/Gibberbot-0.0.11-beta-3.apk.asc

This beta has been pushed to Google Play and should show there shortly.

We will also update our F-droid repo shortly.

If you want to view/comment on resolved/closed tickets from the v11 effort, you can find them here:

What's in this version:
- now supports direct access to existing Google Accounts registered on device (no separate login/password entry)
- preference to stop autostart on boot
- no more crazy flashing screens (yay!)
- hardened network stack using GP's OnionKit library and MemorizingTrustManager (for manual SSL verification)
- faster, smarter, slimmer, sleeker
... and custom app wallpaper backgrounds!

device-2013-02-20-025148.png (537 KB) n8fr8, 02/20/2013 04:06 am

device-2013-02-20-021839.png (612 KB) n8fr8, 02/20/2013 04:06 am