v11 alpha 3 for testing

Added by n8fr8 almost 5 years ago

  • Big update is support for Google Account OAuth2 aka "you don't have to type in a password anymore". It also means accounts setup with two-factor auth do not require a special app password, either, so easy setup/connect process.
  • Also supports OnionKit now, for checking if Orbot is installed and running

You can review the major merge that was just done here:

APK: https://dev.guardianproject.info/attachments/download/442/Gibberbot-0.0.11-alpha-3.apk
GPG ASC: https://dev.guardianproject.info/attachments/download/441/Gibberbot-0.0.11-alpha-3.apk.asc

apk shorturl: http://goo.gl/KfXuV
apk qrcode: