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Workflow_v10 with matching files and notes
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Hello all!

Workflow_v10 is in the Story Maker dropbox: (Sorry, it was too big to upload here on the dev site. Last night, I uploaded the .svg files that match the screens in this workflow_v10.

I will be posting additional screens based on how they change for different mediums (photo essay, photography and audio). Workflow_v10 reflects a video story. Note that, with photo essay, users will have the option to add audio. This feature is not shown in v_10.

Below is the list of the files that have been uploaded, with coordinating pages, and notes. Please don't hesitate with any questions.
Format: page number. file name, notes

1. 00_login, logos for contributors will be on this screen (shown as white boxes for now, logos will be in gray)
2. 00_create_account, when you click the checkbox to agree, a confirmation screen will pop up with more details and a button to agree. Content will be provided by Steve and Brian.
3. 00_intro01, on all of the intro screens, users can swipe left to go to the next page; swipe right to go back
4. 00_intro02
5. 00_intro03, this screen will slideshow through the five different shots. Users can go to the next 'slide' by clicking next, or by swiping the clip icon. Content will be provided by Steve and Brian.
6. 00_intro04
7. 00_intro05, will send 'selected' style for medium buttons

8. 01b_add-blank, next button in action bar is disabled until all 5 clips have been filled with media, can swipe clip icons right and left to scroll through them
9. 01b_order, users press and hold a clip icon to move it to a new position. The 'press and hold' state should mimic that of the android phone to move apps on your home screen. Clicking the 'i' brings up a hover with instructions.
10. na, same as 01c_publish but with simple story nav (add clips, order, publish)
11. 01b_add_content, the colored line bar below the clip icon will change states based on whether a clip is empty or has been filled with media. I will send the style and colors for this.
12. 01b_add_view
13. 01b_camera_rotate
14. 01b_camera_prep
15. na (android camera)
16. 01b_camera_finish
17. 01b_notes, customized for interview clips (01b_notes_interview) and for photo stories (01b_notes_photo)
18. na (extra slide)
19. na

20. 02a_lessons, bookmark denotes where you last left off in the lessons, if you click on a subject with a bookmark, it will take you to the last page you read in that subject
21. 02a_subject, Introduction content coming from Jesse and Brian
22. 02a_lesson1.0, when users are in a lesson they can swipe left to go to the next page; swipe right to go back
23. 02a_lesson1.1
24. 02a_lesson1.2
25. 02a_lesson1.3
26. 02a_quiz_question
27. 02a_quiz_right
28. na
29. na
30. 02a_lesson_complete
31. na
32. 02a_quiz_wrong
33. na (Glossary)

34. 03_camera_prep, defaults to video, can change modes from bottom bar. I will provide screens with the functions for this bottom bar.
35. na (android camera)
36. 03_camera_finish
37. 03_clip_opts, the clip type would be stored as meta data with the clip file; If a user starts a new story, the app would automatically populate the first scene with the clips shot per the clip type and position they belong in. I will provide a 'selected' style for these icons.

38. 04_profile

39. 03_library
40. na (toast)
41. na ('Are you sure you want to delete' confirmation)
42. 03_library_select

43. 01a_name
44. 01a_type, Under 'Choose Level' when users select 'basic' the app populates the 3 scenes for the story type selected; when users select 'expert' the app populate the 5 scenes for the story type selected. Steve and Brian to provide content. No default 'story type' should be selected. The 'basic level' can be default.
45. 01c_make
46. 01c_add, Note that the top nav is different than in a simple story
47. 01c_order, Note that the top nav is different than in a simple story
48. 01c_review
49. 01d_scene
50. 01d_scene open, timeline slides from right to left when swiped
51. 01d_trim_clip
52. 01c_publish, same for simple story; sharing options will change for audio--soundcloud should be added, youtube and vimeo taken away, 'selected/on' state of the Story Maker icon is the style for 'selected'
53. 01c_publish_confirm, same for simple story

54. 01_activity, shows your active projects and the last time you updated them, shows your current lessons
55. 01_projects, all published projects ordered by date, can tap into a project to view it


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Thanks for the update, Carrie! Great to see so much progress, and really appreciate your efforts, logical naming of files, etc.

On idea in the future might be to upload zip files of each clump of SVG/screens, so as an example.

I will work on updating the size limit to the site here, as there shouldn't really be one.


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Wow, this should give me a ton to do, thanks!