v10 RC1 release available

Added by n8fr8 over 5 years ago

Our v10 "June Jaunts" release is finally done... obviously it is much later than June, but we've had a lot going on.

Still this is a seriously amazing update:

For a complete list of the issues that are resolved (and soon closed out):

(see RC2 link in comments below)


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thanks for all the fish! Guardian Project provides the apps to convert people from sms to xmpp.

(Aztec code is AwSoMe. QR is not.)

Added by n8fr8 over 5 years ago

RC2 release is up:

and the sig:

fixes are...

0797890 updated manifest for RC2
d9aa6ef removed gibberbot props file
4bb2e03 added assets folder
df80c9f updated manifest
0a0a1ed removed window no title settings (not used for ABS)
0f7d07e fixes bug #343 Account list items become black-on-black
4cc5861 Send proper OTR error prefix.
b00e029 Fix OTR refresh on error issue.
e5e7579 Make soft keyboard hiding work better when hardware keyboard is present
48aa1f8 First pass Gitian build