Weekly Meeting Report (Aug 21)

Added by abeluck over 5 years ago

Things Done

  • Small World has found a UX designer. She starts next Monday.
  • Talked about travel logistics for upcoming testing.
    • Testing slated for Oct. or Nov. in one of: Tunisia, Libya, Northern Iraq, Egypt.


  • Does Guardian have input on when testing should occur (sooner or later)?
  • Kevin, Nathan/Abel need to discuss scope of work for the website/server side aspect of StoryMaker.

From Here

  • Guardian should be receiving art assets in the next few weeks to integrate into the app
  • Firm date and location TBA in the next week weeks.
  • Continued work towards first build with template demo


Added by n8fr8 over 5 years ago

Thanks for the note. Let's plan a call with Kevin either tomorrow or Friday.