"ARSE" Update - SWN (Aug 2nd)

Small World News Weekly Update
Added by SteveWyshy over 5 years ago

I tried to start a google hang out at our regularly scheduled time, but it was crickets for fifteen minutes so I figured I'd just post an update from my end. I figured another ARSE would be good.

Things Done

  • spoke with Abel on Tuesday, gave him a brain dump on where we're at with the templates. He'll be working on building out our basic template for a future build. The materials are here if you're curious: https://dev.guardianproject.info/projects/wrapp/wiki/Video_Sample
  • The Journalism and Security curriculum are ahead of schedule, with photo, video and audio coming along a little slower. But everyone knows the deadline is next Friday and has agreed to meet that deadline.
  • We posted a blog post officially announcing our invovlement in the app: http://smallworldnews.tv/featured/swn-developing-new-mobile-app-with-guardian-project/
  • Lots of progress with designers. We have three possible designers, one based in Portland whom has the most mobile experience. One other based in Virginia who seems solid as well. The final is a guy in India who seems like he could work too. Working on getting this nailed down asap.

Blockers / Issues

  • Waiting to hear back from designers on rates, availability.

From Here

  • By next Thursday we should be very close to, if not complete with the curriculum.
  • Next week we're planned to have a couple work sessions with the web developer to jump start the web platform.
  • Template work has slowed a bit, but will pick back up after the initial curriculum is drafted.


Added by n8fr8 over 5 years ago

Thanks, Steve! I am actually at a wedding this weekend up in New Hampshire, and the mobile coverage was much poorer than I expected.

Here is my update:

  • continued developer on Android FFMPEG java library, improved code for specific input/output formatting, added additional video filter classes
  • have SOX audio library cross compiled for Android; for supporting cross fades and other audio-only processing requirements
  • investigating better approaches to managing video clip processing
    • converting each clip to MPEG format on "import", as opposed to waiting for save/export
    • supporting preview mode (realtime playback of clips in playlist, etc w/o using ffmpeg processing)
  • initial code to support HTML5 content display, modules/lesson storage

I'm hoping to make a number of commits and produce a new APK by Thursday of this coming week.