Video Template - Sample Overlays

Added by SteveWyshy over 5 years ago

I made some very rough sample overlays to plug into our first template for video. I posted them to the files section for Dev Sprint 1.

These overlays were designed specifically to reference the sample video Brian and I made for Nathan in the middle of June. The goal of that video is to have a small number of shots that utilize the basic editing functionality we need the app to support.

We'd love to see the overlays included in an upcoming .apk for use in recreating this specific video in different locations and knowing that the code/tech for the editing is working. There are instructions on the specifics of the template in

We're going to definitely need to get some better designed templates in the future, but these should be basic enough.

For more please check out the wiki page on this:


Added by n8fr8 over 5 years ago

Great progress! Glad to have all of this source material to work with.