Quick notes for today

Added by n8fr8 over 5 years ago

Steve and I had a good scrum today on Google Hangout. We mostly just caught up, and talked through, in real-time, the various discussions that have been happening regarding client and server integration.

One of the questions he asked is "Where can I keep track of work that is being done on the client side". Since we are working on the core media processing engine right now, the answer is here:

This is our public "FFmpeg on Android" project, that is the main building block for all the media processing capabilities of MRApp. It is the code that builds the pure open-source FFMPEG media processing binary using the Native SDK. It also includes new filters such as the Redact filter that was created for ObscuraCam.

As part of this, I have been working on enhancing the Java code library to support all the necessary features of FFMPEG we need to call. One of these is the "Concat and Trim" capability that I've confirmed works at a script level. I have now turned this into a java method which you can view here:

In short, we can pass any number of video files in, with information on the start and stop times, and then have those piped together into one output file. I will be writing some test cases using Steve's sample audio and video files, to help us test, refine and improve on this code.

As we begin to implement the various transitions/overlays as well, it will be built into this same library and test cases.