Java layer Proxying fixed

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The firefox app had multiple classes in the java layer where network code was used in the Java layer.
  1. mobile/android/base/favicons/LoadFaviconTask used* and org.apache.http.*, this was migrated to the ch.boye library and Proxy has been applied to that connection.
  2. mobile/android/base/sync/net/ uses the ch.boye library but without proxy, this has been updated to use the tor proxy.
  3. Next finding was that the objects were not obeying the proxy rules either and all these calls have been modified to use the tor proxy. List of files modified in this manner:
    • mobile/android/base/
    • mobile/android/base/
    • mobile/android/base/distribution/
    • mobile/android/search/java/org/mozilla/search/providers/
    • mobile/android/stumbler/java/org/mozilla/mozstumbler/service/utils/

Old apk

New apk

The proxy rules being followed by Searcan be easily tested using the following steps.
Install the old app with noRootFirewall pre installed. image
Click Yes in the would you like to turn on search suggestions part
At this point, the noRootFirewall app will see a request from Fennec amoghbl1 image
Uninstall and reinstall the new app.
Follow the same procedure described above and click yes, but this time the suggestions load and no requests are seen on noRootFirewall

Another fun fact, the new version also strips out native video casting support and things like that, so it's about 3mb smaller!

Screenshot_2015-06-13-04-42-41.png - before enabling search (190 KB) amoghbl1, 06/13/2015 08:44 am

Screenshot_2015-06-13-04-43-01.png (188 KB) amoghbl1, 06/13/2015 08:50 am


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Please post links to your java code repo, and the relevant diffs/commits/patches

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Proxies CrashReporter, SuggestClient, Distribution, SearchEngineManager, AbstractCommunicator

Proxies BaseResources

Proxies LoadFaviconTask