My "ARSE" update for the week

Added by n8fr8 over 5 years ago

I have scheduled that today at 1pm is our weekly scrum, but as I don't feel like getting on the phone, and have a healthy queue of MR things to work on, perhaps we can just do a quick update by email.

We call this an ARSE = Asynchronous Remote Scrum by Email :)

Things Done
- spoke with Steve, made some progress on budget/task alterations
- working on an update for RFA
- core ffmpeg library has been updated to our latest build, with video/audio filters for graphics, etc.

Blockers / Issues
- need to review Niels comments on web app budget
- still have not finalized Android developer resource on our side
- roadmap tickets/issues still need to be updated to match sprints/schedule

From Here
- need to talk with Steve/Bryan about SWM invoicing based on RFA "Milestones" approach (basically funds dispersements are tied to reaching developmental milestones, so we need to make sure)
- need to get final numbers/budget/contract update to Niels so we can ink the deal (!)
- working on details with Abel (guardian dev) of his assignment/work on this project
- beginning to work with sample audio data provided by Steve to ensure the ffmpeg utility will be able to produce desired output


Added by SteveWyshy over 5 years ago

I love it. Here's my Arese for the week.

Things Done
- pinned down the specifics with Nathan for the site plan
- created & delivered sample content for ffmpeg testing (Photo, Video, Audio, Montage)
- Audio curriculum content development is under way. I expect to be reporting back on that end of this week

Blockers / Issues
- Searching for a designer. Currently looking for any recommendations, suggestions. As we're ahead on the UX I'm hoping we can take the time to find the right person here.

From Here
- Designer job description posted to design job sites
- Talk with Nathan about SWN RFA milestone invoicing.
- Photo and Journalism curriculum discussion on Thursday
- Begin writing Video curriculum
- Oversee Brian writing the Security curriculum