IOCipher v0.2 release!

Added by hans over 3 years ago

After unexpected complexity for adding mount/unmount logic and lots of
testing, I think IOCipher v0.2 is ready for release. It can be used as an
Android library project:
git clone

Or as a jar with native .so files:

There is a simple example app demonstrating how to plug IOCipher into a file
browser app, and the test suite can also be useful for examples:

It is meant to be used with SQLCipher v3.1.0. Using this version of IOCipher
with an older version of SQLCipher will have unknown consequences, and
upgrading old versions of SQLCipher-for-Android is pretty straightforward:
(signed by: D83F 5F9E B811 D6E6 B4A0 D9C5 D1FA 3A2A 97ED 25C2)

Notable changes:

  • file size no longer limited to device's RAM size
  • VirtualFileSystem now is a singleton since only one VFS at a time
    can be mounted
  • byte[] and SecretKey methods for easy inter-operability with CacheWord
  • sqlfscat command line utility for reading from a sqlfs db file aka
    IOCipher VFS
  • x86 and armeabi-v7a support
  • android-9 (2.3) is now the minimum platform
  • ant clean debug builds everything, including the native bits

For more info:

Coming very soon: an updated release CacheWord that is meant to work in sync
with this IOCipher update.