Please Ignore StoryMaker Password Reset

Added by SteveWyshy over 3 years ago

StoryMaker’s website has been having a spam issue for the past couple of months that has dramatically expanded in the last two weeks. While trying to fight this off and keep our database clean, resetting all user passwords was the action we thought that would most effectively block the spam users. Upon review by the rest of our technical team, we’ve decided to reverse this action. Please ignore the previous email, titled “Password reset for”, we have restored a previous database and your password you’ve had as of a 6 hours ago will work again.

We are taking the following steps to improve the security of to ensure this doesn’t happen again and provide additional protection for your stories from spammers and other bad actors:

1 - Returning your original passwords
2 - Adding a captcha to the profile creation page on the website
3 - Locking accounts created after July 17th*
4 - Locking other suspicious accounts

These changes will be happening over the next few hours, so please be patient as this change works through.

  • If you have created a StoryMaker account on or after July 17th then please contact us with your account so we can unlock it for you.

If you have changed the reset password to a new password, this new password will no longer work. To ensure the StoryMaker app will continue to publish to you will need to return to using your previous password, or you can reset your password yourself if you like.

If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to email us at .

We apologize for this rather large inconvenience,
StoryMaker Team