first working version of TrustedIntents library

Added by hans over 3 years ago

I have the first working version of the TrustedIntents library. It is currently set up as an "Android Library Project" but it could easily be a jar too, the code is currently quite simple, but I plan on adding more convenience methods and also support for TOFU/POP. For usage examples, check out the test project under the test/ subdir:


Here is the wiki, issue tracker, etc:

I've also added a "Generate Pin" function to this little utility app I put together for checking out the APK signatures on your device. I call it "Checkey". Download a test build here:

Source here:

To generate the .java file for pinning Intents, click on an app signed by the key you want to pin to, then select "Generate Pin" from the menu and send the resulting file to yourself. That file is the pin. You can see to examples in the TrustedIntentsTests project called "AndroidSystemPin" and "AndroidIncludedAppsPin".