Working Through the Bugs

We've release version 0.0.8 build 96 of StoryMaker with a number of bug fixes.
Added by SteveWyshy almost 4 years ago

With a renewed energy after StoryMaker Camp and seeing the sites of Jordan the StoryMaker team has been hard at work tracking down and squashing bugs. We're happy to announce a new build we're publishing today, but we wanted to also provide some background on the rest of the updates that rolled out this month.

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In the beginning of March we put out version 0.0.7, build 95. In that build we fixed export crashes that happened due to editing and audio cross fades. Clip thumbnails were missing inside of stories on devices with android 4.3, but those will now be visible in your stories. On older 2.3.x devices we had issues interacting with the photo gallery, but that's been fixed. Android 4.4 was released and with it came some new exciting issues that caused StoryMaker to not open, but we're now up to date for android 4.4.

Today we've released version 0.0.8 build 96. This past week at a training we found a potentially very helpful bug. StoryMaker would fail to export a story only if it was set in arabic mode. We've tested this on a few devices and it seems to have fixed the problem. We hope that this is going to help resolve a significant number of the media export fail bugs which have been reported. Additionally, we have also removed the "Delete Clip" option on the edit screen. You can still access this feature on a clips individual screen. We intend to add the delete clip feature to the edit screen, but a few other issues need to be addressed first.

April is going to be an exciting month, we're finishing up a significant round of updates to the way StoryMaker uploads and connects to all of your favorite social networks.

We look forward to hearing about how this new build is working for you.

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