Indonesia Retreat Update

Added by SteveWyshy over 5 years ago

My apologies on the long delay, things ramped up quickly on the preperations for me to join Brian in Indonesia for the Video for Change (v4c) conference.

Things have calmed down a bit on our side day to day acomplishment wise, but Brian and I are planning on sitting down at least one night before we leave and brainstorming options for a few of the templates.

Mark is putting together his work plan for his audio lessons, John Smock is currently in Libya for another SWN project (previously slated him to go to Libya before we knew he'd be writing materials for us) But he's planning on getting down to business with his side of things when he returns to NYC. Which I actually don't know the firm date for, but I believe is 10-15 days from now.

This conference is quite helpful on getting some other perspectives on the app, and building a solid group of experienced beta testers.

Would love to schedule a time for a quick video chat with everyone involved, and as us west coasters are now the leaders of the international time, we should have some flexibility to make sure you all are available as well. What day would be good for you, Niels and Nathan? Would tomorrow or the next day be good? We're at UTC/GMT +7 hours, so we're 11 hours ahead of you. Something like 9 or 10 pm would probably be a good time for us to be available to talk to you both if that's okay. That would make it 5 or 6 for Niels, so maybe with him in mind we might want to do it a little earlier, but open to hear what works for you both.