Skype conversion success!

Added by n8fr8 over 4 years ago

I am virtually speaking at a conference in Spain later this month, and
they asked me to do a test today using Skype. I offered instead that
we should use Ostel with Jitsi to do an encrypted video call.

I sent one quick email to their techs with a one sentence description
about properly setting up the proxy settings.

A few minutes later, I received a call on my Win7 app from
the organization. We confirmed our ZRTP confirmation codes, and
the audio came through just fine. I pressed the video button, and it
started right up, with the same ZRTP encryption session activated.

So, here is a great story of going from 0 to an encrypted video call
between EU and US, with someone I have never met before, and had no
idea about their technical capability.

A great WIN for a Friday morning.,.. and the next time someone asks
you to use Skype, please get them to use OStel instead.


Added by lee over 4 years ago

Real talk!