ChatSecure for Android v12 alpha 1

Added by n8fr8 over 4 years ago

The app formerly known as Gibberbot...

- first alpha of our v12 release effort

- now uses SQLCipher for all account and message data storage, with
?CacheWord? password control for secure in memory passwords

  • warning this will erase your existing accounts, messages, etc, so
    be ready for that! next alpha will have import of existing accounts
    into encrypted format **

- OTR key sync (from pidgin, adium, jitsi to Gibberbot using
OtrFileConverter tool)

- improved performance and battery life (less network usage)

- Trust-on-first-use SSL cert verification (MemTrustManager) and
initial Moxie LibPinning support for known services

- some updated user interface fun

Download is here (we are testing this new crash/update service)

Project Tracker is here: