UX Design & Curriculum

Weekly update about the non dev aspects of the app.
Added by SteveWyshy over 5 years ago

Things are going well here on the Portland side. Our user experience design process is beginning next Monday. A colleague of mine is coming on board to spearhead the UX and help define the needs for a designer. We'll be working full time on the UX as of Monday morning, and should start having wireframes for everyone to begin looking at next week. I'll have more details on Monday when Alex and I get going.

In other news, John Smock and Mark Rendiero have agreed to help us develop the curriculum for the educational aspect of the app. They've both been prepped on the work, and I'll have them setup accounts this week as well. They have agreed to provide a few drafts of their curriculum for use in the UX phase, so we can have some content to work with.

Personally, I've been organizing and sorting the features for the different aspects of the app. It's all been on paper, as I've been moving a lot of things around in priority, but I plan to have it more finalized and online by end of day tomorrow.