Roadmap and Developers

Added by n8fr8 over 5 years ago

Happy Ocho de Mayo all! Just a quick update that Steve and I had a good call last week walking through organizations of project milestones and feature tracking, and if you take a look at the "Roadmap" tab on this project, you will see the result of that work.

Next step is to triage through the entered feature issues, ensure they match with the proposed SOW/Contract, and begin adding additional feature issues or more detail where needed.

I have been working here on getting our development resources sorted and expanded where needed to support this work. The goal is to have a dedicated Android developer focused on MRApp, and then ensure that the wider Guardian team is available as needed to work on core shared components. We have one new developer coming on this week, and two more potentially in a few weeks. We will have to figure out how is the best match for this project as part of our bootstrapping over the next few weeks.

Anyhow, if you have any updates, please post them here to the project "News" section (look for the "Add News" link in the top right corner), or just email updates to the list: