sprint 5 alpha 10: For Bethel and Steve!

Added by n8fr8 almost 5 years ago

Steve and Bethel continue to have very troublesome devices that do not like to authenticate against YouTube. This build supports an entirely new way of doing this, and I am very hopeful they will be able to start joining Brian, Mustafa and myself in publishing amazing stories to the site.


1) In the Home screen, go to menu->Settings, scroll to the bottom and look for "YouTube Login" and click the "enable web authentication" check box.

2) When you go to publish a video or photo essay, a window should open with a web browser login prompt for you Google/YouTube account. You may have to login here, or you may just be prompted to allow StoryMaker to access you YouTube account.

3) CLick "allow" and the form should close, and return to the rendering/upload process.

4) Report back on the outcome!

This build also re-enables photo uploading directly to StoryMaker site.

APK: https://dev.guardianproject.info/attachments/download/641/StoryMaker-0.0.5-alpha-10.apk

APK Shorturl: http://goo.gl/OLtmf

APK qrcode:

GPG SIG: https://dev.guardianproject.info/attachments/download/640/StoryMaker-0.0.5-alpha-10.apk.asc


Added by tsegaye almost 5 years ago

Great! It worked! Video uploaded :) Thank you.