Bug #8485

Orfox shutting down just after it started with orbot activated or not

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I just got my first smartphone, a samsung galaxy N2, I installed Replicant 6 and started configuring it for privacy browsing, when I start orfox it opens, stays open for like a second and then shut it down, what should I do? Hope you can help me with this, since I always use TOR on my libreboot laptop and would like to have a good privacy also on my mobile.


#1 Updated by sig 3 months ago

I tried unistalling orbot, started orfox, the dialog box telling me I need to have orbot appears, but orfox crashes a second after the pop up opens.

I have no clue. Anyway I can not change the priority to normal, I lived all my life without a smartphone, is kind of urgent since I am into free software but not that high urgent.

#2 Updated by sig 3 months ago

If I use orbot with the standard browser, I am getting a good enough privacy? I actually need to browse onion-DarkWeb legal forums for study and free software purposes, I will try if I can do that with the standard Replicant browser but I doubt so.

#3 Updated by sig 3 months ago

I found out, is impossible with the standard Replicant 6 browser to access the DarkWeb :(

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