Bug #8145

Orbot wakes up phone screen periodically while connected (in app vpn mode?).

Added by Anonymous 12 months ago.

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After I upgraded my OnePlus Two to Oxygen OS 3.5.6 (with Android 6.0.1) (previously having android 5.x), with root, if I have Orbot active, and turn off my screen, after ~a minute my phone screen will turn back on and display the lockscreen then go back to sleep after 10s (and repeat).

Here's what I tested:
- I unticked the Apps VPN Mode but still happens.
- Then I tried to untick the Request Root Access box but it still happens.
- Then I unticked the Allow Background Starts box but it still happens.
- I also unticked the No Network Auto Sleep box but still happens.
- Then I re-ticked the Request Root Access box, and stopped the connection, and exited orbot. Then my network connections (wifi and data) showed an "!" on the icon and didn't work, despite turning wifi of and on again and Orbot app not running. I rebooted the phone, verified that my internet works, booted orbot back up and started tor (without re-enabling any of the aforementioned settings (apart from the root checkbox)), opened a bunch of apps like Play Store, Wire, Signal, Line, then turned screen off - it still happens.
- Then I stopped the tor connection and exited orbot, turned screen off, waited 20 mins and it didn't happen any more.
- Then I started Orbot back up, unticked Root Access, connected to tor and turned off screen, - still happens!

Could the problem be between Orbot and getting (or not getting) root privileges from SuperSU? (even though I also unticked request root) I tried re-installing Orbot. And SuperSU always said it was successful in granting (permanent) root access to Orbot...

I also used a GravityBox Xposed module to customize my lockscreen to make it "transparent" by showing a screenshot of the last active android screen before the screen was locked. When the screen auto-wakes, the underlying screenshot is of a black screen. But the screen is black only while the screen auto wakes (I just see the time and date and unlock button). If I wake the screen with the power button before it auto-wakes, AND after it auto wakes and turns off again, and during (if I touch the screen), I DO see my last screen screenshot.

I'm trying to figure out how to investigate this further. As far as Orbot's log goes (the one you see when you swipe left), the screen wake might happen when a tor circuit is lost and Orbot opens a new circuit, but that could also be a coincidence.

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