Bug #8035

Orbot consistently hangs on a Priv.

Added by Anonymous about 1 year ago.

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Android 6.0.1, on a Priv, fully updated security patches
Orbot build 1.5.20 rc8

I'd send a log along but there is not mention of where it is saved in Orbot. I have an idea of the problem. As I checked some legacy builds that still had the infinitely useful in-app log of processes and such, and would often see "polipo=-1" randomly and regularly. Randomly, because even when Orbot does load, Polipo or some other process hangs. Turning orbot off often causes the onion icon to flicker between green, yellow, and gray, and typically needs to force stop. There are loads of problems with the app and it's processes, and I couldn't even begin to effectively describe the various factors that cause Orbot to hang, but it happens a lot.

None of these problems occurred before I updated to the newest Orbot release. Now I seem to be unable to find any release on your website to that works consistently. This is very annoying, as I had done a good bit of digging in to those emails everyone is talking about, and now that people are finding file directories I'd like to have SOMETHING set up to offer a modicum of protection before I delve much deeper. Orbot has been a part of my phone envolironment from the day I got it, so not having it makes me feel naked. I can give you any more information you need -- if you tell me where the log saves, I can try to find it. Please, just tell me something I can do!

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