Bug #8031

MMS doesn't work (minor issue with the include/exclude app list)

Added by Anonymous about 1 year ago.

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I have problem with Orbot on my phone (Sony Xperia Z; Cyanogenmod 13.0).

I'm using transparent proxying. When I try to exclude apps from being routed through Tor, Orbot doesn't exclude a program called com.android.mms.service from the list (in my finnish language version it's called "Viestipalvelu"). In settings panel, Orbot let me uncheck the program (with other programs too) from the list, but when I leave the setting list and Orbot saves the settings (it saves every other programs desired setting), Orbot checks automatically the com.android.mms.service. So it actually does not change setting of com.android.mms.service.

This problem started about year a ago, when I updated Orbot (or my Cyanogenmod), but nevertheless I did not have that problem before. I was managed to route all my network traffic, except the one which came from MMS-service, through Tor. Back then I was able to use MMS-messages.

I hope this problem can be solved. Thanks anyway for providing this great app!

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