Bug #7995

Connections do not close even after cancelling or closing tab

Added by muleyryan over 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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I notice that when I use Orfox (version F-droid latest) that connections do not close when I tell them to by clicking the 'x' in the address bar, but rather continue (i.e. if I enter "website.com" in the address bar and hit enter, I will still be downloading the page at that URL even if I explicitly click the 'x' while the page is loading). Even closing the tab doesn't stop a page from downloading! The aggregate result is a lot of unnecessary data usage and delays in navigating the web due to having to wait for established connections to complete!


#1 Updated by crunchtiem about 1 year ago

Can confirm this behavior with Orfox 1.2 from TGP repository via F-Droid.

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