Bug #7964

ESR45 regression; "Request Desktop Site" doesn't work anymore

Added by Anonymous over 1 year ago.

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Thank all, you all great developers, your volunteer gime very appreciated. God bless.

F-Droid is has two versions.
This new one, impossible to use for sites that force needing javascript for reading the page, for a href links and more .
In the old, click "Request Desktop Site" lets to use the website without the javascripts.
Now, it impossible even to read titles of videos, search, see news, for youtube.
Impossible to opens the Google Translator, which is one the very few way to read news sites that using cloudflare.
Impossible to see table of contents/anchor links on the wikipedia.
All mobile version always much badder than desktop.
There is rationale that making orfox desktop do not be enough to blend in with the desktop client, BUT... at least it allow to read news with no forcing all to enable javascripta and get hacked.
Please make useragent to be the same like the desktop useragent always. It not make more blend in, but also not make worse, why not. All mobile still look like all other mobile, and javascript not forced for half of internets to read simple text pages.
No offending meant, just wanting best internet and freedom and liberty for everyone.
Is better, the new version, very happy. Just this 1 regression. Please considering?

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