Bug #7947

.onion URLs don't work with WebkitProxy

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I added WebkitProxy to an app so that it can be used over Tor. This works fine with normal (clearnet) URLs, but if I try to load a .onion URL, it fails with a timeout. Is there anything special required to support this?

The code is [here](https://github.com/indywidualny/FaceSlim/pull/207/files#diff-2029b684426bb97ea4fe89d3d69a5369R260).


#1 Updated by n8fr8 over 1 year ago

Which version of NetCipher are you using? Which version of Android are you testing on?

#2 Updated by nutomic over 1 year ago

Sorry I forgot to add that. NetCipher is 1.2.1, Android version is 6.0.1 (CM 13 nightly).

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